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Jan 17, 2008 10:42 AM

Stew Hen or Old Chicken : Where to Buy in SEA

I want to make chicken stock for gumbo.

In Louisiana, we use old hens. Asking the butcher for a hen or stewing hen is a non-event there, but in the Pac NW, they're proving impossible to find.

If I do find them, they look like they've been in the butcher's freezer for a decade.

Any ideas on where to buy a stewing hen?

Someone mentioned Asian markets, but haven't checked yet.

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  1. We get ours from Skagit River Ranch at the U-Dist or Ballard Farmer's Markets. It might be the 'off season' now tho....

    1. Skagit River Ranch sometimes has them. I think they're taking either half of January and all of February or half of February and all of January off from the market but should be back after that. Sea Breeze also sometimes has stewing hens, and I think the new poultry guy in the northwest corner of the U-District market might sometimes have them.

      I've been making great chicken stock out of bones leftover from chicken I buy at Sea Breeze. This way I get to eat the chicken and have my stock. Their stuff is great quality, as is Skagit River Ranch's.

      1. My Louisiana friend gets them from Pike Place Market, but I don't know which vendor. I'd also ask at Univ. Seafood & Poultry, but I'd be surprised if they had it or else my friend would be going there instead.

        Now, if you could only get Louisiana white boudin here...

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          I have checked at Univ. Seafood & Poultry. They have them frozen, but they look like they've been frozen for a couple decades. I passed. I will check with Skagit River Ranch when I see them in the market.

          What is Sea Breeze? Another vendor?

          I have checked around Pike's, but no success. I look harded next time.

          1. re: fooey

            Sea Breeze and Skagit won't be at Pike Place Market. Skagit's last day at U-District Farmer's Market was today, but they will be at the Ballard Farmer's Market tomorrow. They will be back Feb 23rd in U-Dist.

            1. re: jaydeflix

              Thanks. That gives me an excuse to make a run to Ballard and have some quiche at Cafe Besalu.