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Jan 17, 2008 10:37 AM

Mini Desserts

Okay I posted something before about mini-cheese cakes now I am in the need of all mini desserts. I am having a baby shower with a sweet beginings theme and I am looking for a great bakery in the Los Angeles area with mini desserts I tried Vanilla but was not too fond of them. I will be truly greatful for your ideas.

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  1. check out Caprice on Pico near (maybe in) Santa Monica. We got wonderful mini desserts there for a party we had before our wedding.

    1. leda's has mini cupcakes, mini cookies, mini scones and tea cakes!

      1. la Maison du Pain (on Pico & Ridgeley) does some mini-pastries, if you order in advance. They usually have a few ones in the case at the right of the counter (mini fruit tarts, mini chocolate cakes, etc.).
        Also, I've been at an event last week where Susina was catering some mini-tarts and some mini-peanut butter "cups" (no idea what they were called) that were awesome and light.

        1. Thought Costco's freezer and bakery sections had a few mini sweet items.

          1. Natas in Sherman Oaks (Ventura Blvd. & Fulton) for a range of delicious Portuguese pastries in both regular and mini (bite-size) sizes.