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Jan 17, 2008 10:37 AM

Tea @ the Ritz, now The Langham: still good?

Hi Chows! My mother is in town this weekend and as she is a huge tea fan (seriously, the woman used to own her own tea house!) I thought I would take her to high tea on Sunday.

I was originally thinking of the Huntington Gardens because I thought it would be nice to stroll through the gardens followed by tea, but decided against it after reading mediocre reviews on the boards. I then decided on the Ritz in Pasadena because it got wonderful reviews and had what I'm looking for: fancy but tranquil atmosphere, gardens on the premises to walk through (she's visiting from wintery NY, so I wanted to show her some greenery) and of course, great food and tea. However it turns out the Ritz was bought by another hotel chain, The Langham!

Their website says they still do a high tea, but I’m wary of taking her someplace untested. Has anyone been to tea since the changeover? Or even heard from someone who has?

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  1. I have heard that high tea at the Langham is still high tea like the Ritz. They aren't going to change that drastically so quickly, I don't think.

    1. My friend who loves the upscale hotel tea experience (I prefer to cozy up with a book, some scones and tea) says Peninsula has the best.

      1. Any other options in LA? Which ones are cozy? Which one are funky? Which ones are for the old folks? My best friend just recently expressed intrest in going to high tea with me and I want to have good tea but most importantly, really excellent food. Been to Huntington Gardens, ehh. Where else?

        1. I have been going to tea in pasadena since i was like... literally 4. Huntington was not amazing last time i went. definitely overshadowed by the ritz. As for the langham, it is just as good as the ritz as far as i can tell. they have a few new sandwiches, most of which i think are improvements. the desserts are similar and delicious, with the exception of this cookie thing with cream in the middle. If you loved the ritz, you will not be disappointed with the langham.

          ALSO, my brother has a severe dairy allergy, and they have gone out of their way to accommodate him. I could not be more impressed with the langham.