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Jan 17, 2008 09:53 AM

French Cuisine in Dade/Broward???

I'm looking for a real nice French restaurant to celebrate my One Month anniversary. I have a bottle of Baby Jesus Burgundy (Le Vin de L'enfant Jesus, or something similar, don't have the bottle with me), 2000, so I want to go somewhere that they can do something special for it. We were supposed to drink it during the honeymoon, but things got complicated. Anyhow, I wanted to know if there were any solid recommendations, or if I should make my own meal around it. I want real good French cuisine ideally, or if not a restaurant that knows how to treat a bottle of wine. Thanks in advance!

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  1. why not hire a private chef for the night?

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      never thought of that. Never done that. that would definitely be interesting

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        Pascal's is delicious and I thoroughly enjoy his cuisine every time, but he doesn't quite fit the bill as "Traditional" French, IMO. any other occassion and absolutely. His restaurant is underrated overall. Maybe people disagree with me discarding Pascal's as French?"

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          I sure think of Pascal's as French. I mean, Pascal Oudin is about as French as it gets, he trained under Alain Ducasse and a bunch of other 3-star dudes in France ... It's more contemporary and not so much traditional bistro food, if that's what you mean, but it's most definitely French as far as I'm concerned.

          But if you know from Pascal's and that's not what you're looking for, consider Le Provencal for more "old-school" French food.

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            Pardon my lack of eloquence, but you got it exactly right. It's contemporary French. He invents dishes with a French flair, but I don't think anyone would consider a burger stuffed with short rib a French dish, but if the French invented a burger, that's what they'd do. I don't think his cooking indicative of any part of France or representative of highbrow French cooking or Bistro Fare. It's just exceptional "French" food. Anyhow I had thought of Le Provencal but had not been there in several years and it seems to have really fallen off the radar. I don't think I have heard anyone MENTION it in several years for that matter. Then again they're still there. Definitely worth reconsidering. Thanks!

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              Like you, it had been ages since I'd been to Le Provencal. I've gone back a few times for lunch in the past couple months and it's still good.

              Brief report here ->

      2. My Favorite is Cafe Maurice, I just had my boyfriend's 30th b-day (business) party there.
        419 Washington Avenue, Miami Beach, Fl 33139

        BUT if you really want to make it special I agree with Karmalaw hire a private chef...

        1. Le Bouchon du Grove Im sure could do something for you. That or Maison d'Azur on SoBe I would have to imagine could definitely do something because its pretty high end. There was a thread on Maison d'Azur that had good reviews mixed with mediocre followed by an insane amount of arguing back and forth haha. Here is that chat:

          1. Pascal's would be my first choice. Bouchon du Grove is crowded and noisy.

            I've not heard much good about Cafe Maurice, seems more a party place than about the food, and there was at least one negative post here ->
            Doubt that they have much regard for wine - their wine list is completely goofy, doesn't even list the producers, much less the vintages, just the region (i.e. "Pomerol") - which I suppose would be really charming if you were talking about a $10 wine, but these are wines selling for up to $65.

            I also think Le Provencal on Miracle Mile in Coral Gables is pretty charming and has good food.

            I'd recommend calling in advance anywhere you choose to go to confirm corkage policy.