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Jan 17, 2008 09:40 AM

Night Town to open in the South End

Hey Hounds,

Does anyone know the scoop on Night Town?

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  1. I know that Charles Pierce won't be going there anytime soon! ;-b

    (For those of you who missed it:)

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    1. re: hiddenboston

      As I pointed out in some more detail here: , I think Charlie Pierce is way off base. He completely ignores the underlying reason Bob's closed. Owner Darryl Settles shuttered Bob's in order to focus on his new joint venture, The Beehive, a place that has attracted exactly the clientele that Night Town hopes to garner. The crowd at Bob's mostly couldn't afford the flood of $11 cocktails that fly across the bars of The Beehive every night. Should Pierce go after Settles for closing Bob's to focus on the far more profitable Beehive, with its far squarer, whiter, wealthier crowd? I don't think so: it is a business, after all. But by the same standard, Night Town should also be cut some slack.

      1. re: MC Slim JB

        wow, he's far less bitter on Wait, Wait.

        1. re: MC Slim JB

          Although to be fair to Charlie, every single description I have read of Night Town has made my flesh crawl. Even the name gives me the yips.

      2. We used to live in Cleveland (well, University Heights, an inner ring suburb), and Night Town was/is in neighboring Cleveland Heights. It was a really nice place. Decent food, good drinks, great jazz bands. I'm assuming this is an offshoot since the guy Charlie Pierce is skewering is a Clevelander?

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          1. re: Bob Dobalina

            Malcolm Aalders is apparently both Dutch and a Clevelander.

        1. That area is usually called "Lower Roxbury," not South End. It's mostly called South End by those trying to sell overpriced condos.

          From everything I've heard about Night Town, it is meant to be more of a cocktail bar with food secondary. Kinda like the Beehive that the former owner of the restaurant in the space left to open.

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          1. re: patiofixture

            Does anybody know who the chef will be?

            I recallr eading the focus would be small plates/tapas with an 'American' twist.

            If that's right, I hope they do something fun and creative with things like mac n' cheese (in honor of Bob's!), ribs, and poultry. I suspect if the fare is Americano, the menu will have a burger.

            If the owner goes 'Dutch', I wonder what they would feature - gouda? pea soup (seriously, very big in the Netherlands)? raw herring (hah!)?

            I think Cleveland is known for pierogis, which I doubt will be on anybody's tapas menu. Then again ...

            1. re: Bob MacAdoo

              his name is Adam Gendreau - or so says the job ad on

          2. Any news on this place? Has it opened or when will it?

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            1. re: slim

              The last log-in on their MySpace page -- yes, it's the sort of place that has a MySpace page -- was January 18 (coincidentally, the day this thread was last active...hmm).

              I suspect ol' Malc has burned through Daddy's money and realized that maybe this whole restaurant thing is harder than it looks.