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Jan 17, 2008 09:35 AM

St James Restaurant on Metropolitan Ave/Forest Hills?

My daughter's tenth birthday party is being held at the local Cinemart movie house this year. Now I need to find a lunch spot for 20-25 on a Saturday. Though I have never dined at the St. James, I have heard ok things about it. Nothing really written on the boards about this restaurant.

Has anyone been there for a private party, or just for lunch? I need to find a restaurant close to the theatre, that can accomodate kids and grandmas, and have both "simple" food and interesting food as well.

Dee's is booked for the day I am looking for. My poor daughter even suggested Sizzler! She's 10 mind you,and enjoy's the salad bar. Now that I mention it, the salad bar wasn't half bad when we went there about 3 months ago. Would it be in poor taste to rent out a room there?


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  1. Sizzler on Metropolitan Ave has a private room so if your daughter requested it why not its her b-day. No it wouldnt be poor taste to go to sizzler

    1. The Cinemart has a restaurant attached. Have you asked about that place.

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        That was the first place I called actually. They are already booked. Still leaning towards the Saint James. Any menu suggestions?

      2. There's also My Kitchen on the same block as the theater. The food seems fairly simple, though I don' t know about a private space.

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          I had my Mom's 75th in the back Atrium @ St.James. Not a sit down dinner but buffett style. Many kids were on hand. Although the food is not fantastic no one complained. You can choose what to have on the buffett. The cost may be a bit much if it's mainly kids. Their regular menu is pasta's, steaks, burgers and such. Too much food in my opinion for kids. Stop by and ask if the can buffett some special requests more aimed at the kids. Friendly staff and a nice area.
          Good Luck

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            Just got home from booking a brunch for 20 at the Saint James. 20 adults @ $21 per person. Includes unlimited pastries, their meals, unlimited sodas/coffee/teas, and 2 beverages per person (mimosas, bloody mary's, etc). Since the children's party (Movie at the Cimenart) will be over by 12:30, it's still early enough for brunch.

            The seven children going will receive a platter of chicken fingers, mozzerella sticks, fries, onion rings, etc. If the children would like brunch, it wil be 9.95 per child.

            Mary, the contact at the St. James, has been very helpful. The price seems fair, and the brunch menu is extensive. Besides the basic steak and eggs, waffles, and omlettes, it also has burgers, salads, and quiche. Something for everyone.

            I was going to go the buffet route, but didn't have enough people. The brunch option will hopefuly work out well. Will let you all know how it goes.