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Saturday Lunch near 28th & 5th! HELP!

A bunch of college friends of mine are coming up from Maryland this weekend and when we head into the city I want to take them out to lunch. They've all decided that they want to go to a museum on the corner of 28th and 5th, an area I'm not very familiar with. All I know is I want to take them to lunch before we hit up the museum, I'm looking for something fun, with good food, simple is nice I don't want to scare them (I know one of them occasionally swears by hot pockets, sorry all), and cheap/moderate would be preferred, absolutely nothing fancy. Otherwise my only requests are indoors and please keep it a close walking distance to 28th and 5th, not all of them enjoy the cold and it's supposed to snow this weekend.

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  1. the sex museum?

    suck it up and take them to shake shack. i think they have heaters installed.

    1. penelope's, vezzo ,hill country

      1. You should check out Hill Country if you like BBQ. It is pretty close by and can handle large groups.

        You might want to try some mapping sites like google, askcity or upnext.com to find restaurants in the area.

        1. Yes the sex museum, my friends have interesting taste, and I thought of the shake shack, but I'm wondering whether or not heat lamps will be enough, two of them are girls who can't stand the cold. Vezzo and hill country look good except that we're doing pizza for dinner the night before and BBQ that night. Penelope's looks good and we may end up there for brunch because lunch doesn't start until 4pm on saturdays. any other ideas for lunch?

          1. Tiffin Wallah has a great indian lunch buffet - $6 but not a hole in the wall, nice place to sit. There is a new Lebanese place llili on 5th between 27 and 28th.

            1. blue smoke, mesa grill, borough?

              1. markt might be an option. it is on 21st & 6th so it might be a little too south for you but i hear they do a good brunch.you could be really casual, get sandwiches at lennys. if you don't mind venturing east a little there tons of places in the upper 20's on 3rd like choice & antarctica. banc cafe is over there as well.

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                  agree with fein that all the places on third near 28th have decent food and good menus for unadventurous eaters. another option is rodeo bar on 27th and 3rd which is tex-mex/american with a huge menu... There are also several diners (sunflower (26th and 3rd) or murray hill diner (31st? and lex) or moonstruck diner (30th? and 3rd)) if you consider a diner "fun." there is also a dos caminos on 26th and park, which out-of-towners may enjoy?

                  penelope is great with a unique atmosphere for that area and should be your first option but beware there is still usually still a long wait after noon.

                2. You're not too far from Koreatown. I would recommend Mandoo Bar for your friends. There are homemade dumplings for the unadventurous and some more "exciting" Korean noodle and rice dishes for the rest. It's different, but not too so.

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                    Live Bait on e 23rd or Comfort Diner on w 23rd.

                  2. Houston's, 378 Park Ave South @ 27th, meets all your criteria & it's 3 blocks away.


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                        Ended up at Markt, it was a bit south of the museum, but it turned out that we were able to take the F from grand central right to 23rd so it worked out really well.