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Jan 17, 2008 08:26 AM

Corks in Fed hill- any recs?

Hubby and I are headed to Corks this Saturday for the first time in more than two years. Does anyone have any recommendations as to what to order? and reasonably-priced wine recs?
is the tented-in area in the back warm enough to enjoy sitting down for a 2 hour dinner? Isn't it supposed to be like 12 degrees on Saturday?
Do they still have the cheese course where you get to select your own?

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  1. My husband I were there a few months ago. I had been there a few years ago and remebered it fondley and had always wanted to go back. It's been awhile and I must say the thing that made the largest impression on us was the bill. We were prepared to spend so admitedly weren't being thrifty but it did have us doing a big double take at the end of the night.

    That aside our meal was good, the food was more traditonal & cozy then I had remembered but good bold flavors. I had a rockfish dish and it was very good, they had alot of seasonal items so I think the menu may have changed. We did the suggested wine pairings with the food and it was great- but not a cheap option. And Yes they still have the cheese course and its as good as I remembered.