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Best Chinese restaurants in Monterey Park or HH?

Emma Jul 12, 2001 02:03 PM

I am looking for any type: noodle houses, dumpling houses (I know Din Tai Fon has gotten a bad rap here, but Mei Long Village has gotten some thumbs up), dim sum, whatever in Monterey Park or Hacienda Heights (as a side question, is there a consensus on whether HH is almost or just as good as MP?). And, of course, I mean authentic and GOOD. Stuff I can't get in Irvine. My SO's parents are from Taiwan (and my SO knows good Chinese food). Unfortunately, they'd moved back there so I don't know if there recommendations are up to speed. It's quite a drive for me from Irvine, so if I could get some suggestions as to where to go, I would be most thankful!

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    Rachel Lee RE: Emma Jul 13, 2001 03:19 AM

    Disclaimer: Owner is a friend, but I eat there twice a week.

    Dumpling Master

    423 N. Atlantic Blvd. #106

    Monterey Park, CA 91754

    Phone: (818) 458-8689

    Open 7 Days 11:00 A.M. -- 9:00 P.M.

    (Located in the Mar's Plaza shopping center on the north side of the Shun Fat supermarket; south of the San Bernardino I-10 freeway)

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    1. re: Rachel Lee
      Ira Kaplan RE: Rachel Lee Jul 13, 2001 12:26 PM

      Disclaimer: I have no idea who the owner is, but when I lived in LA I also was a regular. Their noodle soups - get the hand-made noodles - can't be beat, and I still dream of their fried pork dumplings. Emma, see if you can convince them to open up a place in New York.

      1. re: Ira Kaplan
        Emma RE: Ira Kaplan Jul 13, 2001 01:54 PM

        Thanks for the rec!

    2. c
      Chandavkl RE: Emma Jul 13, 2001 12:13 PM

      Both from a quality and numbers point of view, Monterey Park-Alhambra-Rosemead-San Gabriel is clearly better than Hacienda Heights/Rowland Heights, they there certainly is plenty of good food in the latter. At least you're lucky in that there's some decent Chinese food in Irvine now (e.g., S.W. BBQ) where there wasn't any a decade ago.

      See link to prior post listing the better Chinese seafood restaurants. Aberdeen is now MPV Seafood.

      Link: http://www.chowhound.com/topics/show/...

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      1. re: Chandavkl
        FredYC RE: Chandavkl Jul 14, 2001 01:31 PM

        "Both from a quality and numbers point of view, Monterey Park-Alhambra-Rosemead-San Gabriel is clearly better than Hacienda Heights/Rowland Heights"

        I completely dissagree. The older "chinatowns" are burning out. Monterey Park is tired and while San Gabriel Valley is very good, it might be a little past its prime. The new star is Rowland Heights. It's no coincidence that the developments of "chinatowns" progress in a west-to-east fashion with the eastern most ones being the newer and better. No one thinks of going to downtown LA for Chinese food anymore...

      2. f
        FredYC RE: Emma Jul 14, 2001 01:15 PM

        See my my post above for quintessential LA-for the visting new yorker. I just spent an hour reminscing about those places. Sigh...

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