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Jan 17, 2008 08:15 AM

So where is a good breakfast in SD?


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  1. Perry's and the Original Pancake House.

      1. Definite second to OPH. I'm not as big a fan of Perry's, though I understand why people like it - it's simply not for me.

        I don't normally eat "traditional" breakfast, but here are some breakfasts I've enjoyed:

        Ortega's Cocina in OB - I really like their machaca, but the fish and eggs is my favorite.

        People's Co-Op in OB - the upstairs deli has a very nice scrambled tofu, and oven-roasted potatoes. The biscuits aren't bad, and the mushroom gravy is very tasty.

        Shakespeare's Pub in Mission Hills - They have a traditional English breakfast with eggs, broiled tomatoes, Irish back bacon, and potato pancakes. I'm pretty sure the potato pancakes are frozen, but I like the bacon and tomatoes. It's a simple breakfast, but nice to enjoy with some football.

        Cafe Chloe downtown - I'd probably rate this as my overall favorite breakfast. The savory custard is really good - think cross between creme brulee and quiche. The Croque Madame is insanely rich and delicious.

        1. No frills and pretty standard fare, but Rudfords in North Park is the classic diner with breakfast served all day . Weekdays they have specials but in general, you can't beat the prices. Good omelets, hash, etc.

          Also like OPH, but hate the wait - is it ever not busy?

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            If you go early, when they open, it's fine. It's also manageable at lunch.

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              Need an oil change any time soon? My BF and I usually drop the car off at Big-O first thing on Saturday mornings and then walk over to OPH for breakfast. No wait if you're there by 8-8:15am, although most of the tables are full. By the time we're done with breakfast, the car's usually done, too.

            2. We were in SD last weeked to attend the Fancy Food Show and I researched on Chowhound for recommendations of course.

              The best breakfast by far and almost the best meal was at the Parkhouse Eatery.
              Four of us were each thrilled with our meals. Creative menu, patio and inside seatting, friendly staff, beautiful presentation, generous portions. Inside decor was a bit old and dirty but very interesting.I wish now that we had gone there three days in a row.

              My hubby went to Perry's with out me and was underwhelmed. He said the menu was limited and just not that exciting.

              We were all disappointed by Cafe 222. The menu was fun and interesting but somehow nothing was as good as it sounded. Not bad, just not great. Service was so, so, girls that were talking and complaining about their lives right next to us.

              So Parkhouse Eatery gets my vote!
              Umm, the best Pumpkin pancakes I have ever had.

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                Parkhouse Eatery does have a wonderful breakfast. Oddly, I've been there twice for dinner and both times I sent my plate back.