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Jul 12, 2001 01:58 PM


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We had a quick might to eat here last night and the food was good and cheap. I was overwhelmed by the size of the menu and wondered if there are any Noodle Planet fans out there, which dishes they might recommend.

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  1. They have a spicy beef salad that I like a lot. It's pretty hot, and if I remember correctly, is flavored with lime juice and cilantro.

    1. I've had their Chinese, Vietnamese, and Thai noodle soups, and I don't like or recommend any of them. I've never had any of their other food, so I don't know what those taste like.

      1. I've heard people slam noodle planet here. I eat at the one in alhambra pretty often. I like the spicy pan fried noodles. they are best with the beef. a little greasy, but tastey. I've tried other things, and have not been impressed.

        1. The only dish I've tried and liked was the tom yum goong noodles, extra spicy. That's all I'll order there now.

          1. Seems like their stuff was always a hit or miss with my friends and I. This is whats been a hit:

            Pork Chops over rice. My cousin and I use to always order and rave about this dish (not sure why we stopped frequenting the place though). Two pieces of wok grilled pork chops with a slightly sweet soy sauce marinade on it over a bed of rice. The whole dish is a little on the dry side though.

            Chili Spaghetti. I'm a sucker for spaghetti but this is strictly Asian style - the secret ingredient being MSG and sugar of course.

            Pad See You. Your fundamental fat noodle Thai dish with brocoli and chicken (or whatever). A difficult recipe to mess up and they don't.

            This has been a miss:

            Hainam Chicken. Small pieces of chicken and the taste was ok at best.

            Fried Rice. How did they mess this up? I dunno, it was just unmemorable.