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Jan 17, 2008 07:54 AM

Help! We are up to our ears in polenta...

So, last night, I made far far, far too much polenta. I poured the ocean of leftovers into a lasagna pan and now have sheets of it in the fridge. What would you recommend we do with it over the next several days? We are impoverished dieting vegetarians in London, so braised pork ragu or a scrumptious cheese sauce are out of the question. Tomorrow night, I'm going to do a lasagna with some mushrooms and leftover tomato sauce. Any desserts you can think of? Maybe with clementines?

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  1. How about a mexican treatment.... serve with cumin-spiced black beans and sauce it up with your favorite salsa.
    For breakfast: do a french toast treatment- saute in a little butter and serve with maple syrup.

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      I second the Mexican idea. Lots of tamale pie recipes use polenta. Put the polenta in a baking dish, top with a mixture of refried/smashed beans and salsa, and top with some grated cheese. Bake until hot and melty.

    2. According to the Splendid Table book, a sweet polenta 'casserole' used to be the standard evening fare in the poor parts of northern Italy. There's a more detailed description in the book.

      From a microwave cookbook I've made a polenta and berries dish. That recipe cooked the polenta with sugar, and then added a lightly cooked berry mix (leaving a marbled look), and served with a berry puree.


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        I bet you can make bananas foster and throw it over a toasted polenta. Some vanilla ice cream, perhaps?

      2. This probably isn't for the orginal poster, but others may use the idea. I spoon beanless chili con carne over polenta and make something similar to open face Tex-Mex tamales.

        1. I am assuming that you mean you'll be making the lasagna with the sheets of polenta - correct? If so, how much more do you have left? Can't be a whole lot more. You can make two lasagnas and freeze one for another time (before baking).

          I just don't think I'd do a polenta dessert.

          1. I have successfully frozen polenta in a sheet well wrapped in tin foil. Have used it cut out in rounds for tasty hors d'oevres, served toasted with carmelized onions and roasted tomatoes. Could use lots of other toppings like variety of sauteed mushrooms & olives, roasted eggplant, other roasted veggies. Also used it as a quiche base one time when I was too lazy to make pastry, but you don't eat cheese, so not sure you would eat quiche.

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              Make putanesca sauce (Tomatos sauce with Olives, Anchoives, Capers,) and serve on top of the polenta. Even yummier, a piece of seared Tuna with the putanesca on top and the polenta on the side - I'm making myself hungry!

              1. re: Mel.D

                And even simpler, think of polenta as a base for tomatoes/olive oil/basil/garlic, in other words a bruschetta...and it does freeze very well so you don't have to use it all at once...though I, like Mel.D, am making myself long for a good feed of polenta.

                1. re: LJS

                  My cousin grilled polenta on her bbq and topped it with grilled veggies. Soooo good!