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Jan 17, 2008 07:49 AM

Fun dinner for 6!?

My boyfriend and I are meeting 2 other couples for dinner this Friday. We live all over the place...Manayunk, NE Phila, Collegeville, so are looking to meet somewhere not too far for anyone to drive. We want to do something casual and FUN! BYOB or bar is fine. Price range is flexible. Just not over $50 per person preferable. Suburbs or center city is fine too! Any suggestions??

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  1. I think tapas is fun with a group. My favorite place is Amada. Also, Vietnam is a good place to order appetizer platters to share and fun drinks. It is very reasonably priced, too.

    1. I recently had a birthday dinner at Fez Moroccan. It was very fun and lively.
      Other fun reccomendations are Valanni, Lolita (BYO tequila), Tria, Alma de Cuba, Los Cantrines and Tequilas, Tinto, Beau Monde and Los Cabilitos.

      1. we always have a good time (and cheap!) at Picanha (Brazilian rodizio) in the NE on Castor Ave near Levick.

        1. Nectar in Berwyn has your name on it.

          1. Hmmm...the Moroccan place sounds cool. Something casual and festive like that would be great. Anyone have any suggestions outside of center city...We're meeting in Manayunk, so anything close to there that fits the bill??