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Fun dinner for 6!?

My boyfriend and I are meeting 2 other couples for dinner this Friday. We live all over the place...Manayunk, NE Phila, Collegeville, so are looking to meet somewhere not too far for anyone to drive. We want to do something casual and FUN! BYOB or bar is fine. Price range is flexible. Just not over $50 per person preferable. Suburbs or center city is fine too! Any suggestions??

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  1. I think tapas is fun with a group. My favorite place is Amada. Also, Vietnam is a good place to order appetizer platters to share and fun drinks. It is very reasonably priced, too.

    1. I recently had a birthday dinner at Fez Moroccan. It was very fun and lively.
      Other fun reccomendations are Valanni, Lolita (BYO tequila), Tria, Alma de Cuba, Los Cantrines and Tequilas, Tinto, Beau Monde and Los Cabilitos.

      1. we always have a good time (and cheap!) at Picanha (Brazilian rodizio) in the NE on Castor Ave near Levick.

        1. Nectar in Berwyn has your name on it.

          1. Hmmm...the Moroccan place sounds cool. Something casual and festive like that would be great. Anyone have any suggestions outside of center city...We're meeting in Manayunk, so anything close to there that fits the bill??

            1. Chabaa in Manyunk is a great indian byob!

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              1. moroccan place off city line, near route 3. Suppose to be good. I think its called casablaca.

                1. Modo Mio on Girard Ave. BYOB, $30, 4 courses. Service is spotty, but the food has always been exceptional. We went with a group of 6 & had a great time. Must make reservations.

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                    just had another excellent dinner at modo mio... split an antipasti (fried porcini with balsamic, very flavorful!), had a homemade ravioli in a very rich butter sauce. all their food tastes very extreme to me, i love it - salty, rich, peppery - which matches up nicely with the small portions. i couldn't handle any more than i received. their pastas are all made *perfectly.* i've yet to find better pastas in this city.

                    they do have a couple large tables, but you should know it's a very tiny place! BYO and cash only, too. in the summer there is outside seating with a lovely view of the skyline. i just love this place more on each visit. was packed when we arrived after 9:30pm (they take their last seatings at 10).

                    i felt compelled to comment here because it was the most recent place modo mio was mentioned. however, not terribly convenient for your group, especially for those coming from collegeville. that's a tough mix of locations, and i always strike out in manayunk ever since my favorite place closed! conshy and lafayette hill would be close... two places "on my list" (it's a neverending list) of places to try are from the boot and persian grill in lafayette hill - both get good reviews whenever i read about them here, anyone know if they're good for groups? in conshy, i used to love taking people to pepperoncini, i used to live within walking distance, it was my neighborhoody go-to spot. very homey and welcoming, italian-american food, great food and excellent free salads with entrees - dark greens and lovely dressing - i miss this place! certainly matches your price requirements. i'd stick with a table in the back dining room; last time i was there they still allowed smoking in the bar which is adjacent to the front dining room.

                  2. Tamarindo's in Blue Bell is a grteat choice for a fun dinner. They have absolutely delicous upscale mexican food (fabulous guacamole). The atmosphere is so fun on weekend nights. The best part... they serve FREE MARGARITAS (everything else is BYO). Prices are reasonable, we typically pay less than $75/couple for a great meal.

                    Blue Bell, while not around the corder from Manayunk, is pretty convenienmt to the places you mentioned.

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                      For Mediterranean in Manayunk you can't beat Cafe Zesty. (Across from Jakes)