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Jan 17, 2008 07:46 AM

Good News - Opera Cafe in Downtown SD reopened as Cafe at L'Opera!

I finally had a chance to go by and check out the reopened Opera Cafe yesterday. They serve the same desserts and pastries from Opera, and some sandwiches and salads that are slightly different, but still good. The owner, Heidi, is the former manager of Cafe Bassam, so she has some experience in this area. She said they were so busy yesterday at lunch they ran out of focaccia for their panini sandwiches which is good news. (Apparently the cafe closed not for lack of business, but because of a business dispute.)

I just finished a croissant for breakfast, and I still think they're about the best I've ever had.

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  1. Good news indeed. Where is the new location? Did they move to Sorrento Valley as you previously posted?

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    1. re: JKP

      Same location -reopened by a different owner

    2. I stopped by first thing Saturday morning. I called on Friday to ask for their hours and the woman who answered said 9a-7p on Saturdays. At least, that's what I thought I'd heard. We arrived at 9:40 and, while the door was open, the staff said they weren't fully open and had a batch of croissants in the oven.

      I can't rave enough about the friendliness of the staff, who made us comfortable while we waited for the croissants. They even gave us two chocolate croissants to take with us (we'd ordered two butter croissants). We received them fresh out of the oven and they were wonderful. They're the best I've had in a long time and certainly on par with my fond memories of a fresh morning croissant in Paris.

      My BF had an interesting question... will they continue to serve Opera's pastries after the Sorrento Valley location opens?

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        I am glad to hear they are keeping longer hours than the other place did!

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          Indeed, as it allows me to visit them after work and on Saturdays. I should add that on weekdays, they're open from 7a-7p.

          Looking forward to the new location, though. It's a short drive from my workplace in Torrey Pines.