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Jan 17, 2008 07:46 AM

Del Posto Enoteca?

Has anybody been? Thoughts?

I was thinking about having a small bday gathering there and was just looking for some thoughts. It wont be way too expensive right? And is it really hard to get a res?

Thanks so much!!

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  1. I thought the food was good even though the menu is smaller than the main dining room. It was about 9 months ago but I think they only take reservations for the enoteca on the same day. So as long as you call early you should be fine. But that policy might have changes. You should check the website.

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    1. re: dam00n

      They take them in advance now, I learned that the hard way recently. It's a great deal.

      1. re: lookingforpig

        How far in advance can you make a reservation for the Enoteca? Would like to have dinner there in about 3 weeks.

        1. re: KittyK

          Sorry for jumping in, but I'm not sure they take resers for the enoteca in advance, perhaps day of at earliest. That said, the enoteca has been my favorite experience at Del Posto.

          1. re: MagnumWino

            They do take reservations in advance. I think I made reservations a week in advance the last time.

            1. re: Lucia

              Same here. The enoteca menu is only available on a few days a week and only at a certain time, also as long as you specific that in your Opentable / phone reservation, then you should be fine.

              1. re: kobetobiko

                Actually, it looks as if the enoteca is open every day:

                1. re: kobetobiko

                  How do you specify the Entoteca on Opentable?

                  1. re: KittyK

                    Before you confirm your reservation there is a space where you can put a note to the restaurant (e.g. you can put down that it is a birthday dinner / anniversary, etc.). Just put it there that you want the enoteca menu. When they call you to confirm your reservation the day before, you can specify that one more time.

                2. re: Lucia

                  Thanks Lucia, that's great to know.

        2. I think it's a great deal and a great experience. I didn't have a problem getting a reservation week of, but that was for 2 people.

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          1. re: Lucia

            we learned the hard way as well. reservations are needed and you should try to do it about a week or so ahead of time. we were turned away once and then tried to make reservations two days before and got stuck with a 9:30 slot.

            food was great and the tasting menu is one of the best deals in town: $45. you each choose an app, entree and dessert. for your second course, which is pasta, you pick two of the five choices and you each get a tasting of each.

            1. re: kobetobiko

              Can single diners eat at the "bar" at the Enoteca? If so are reservations required? It would probably be a Mon/Tues/Wed night. Thanks!

              1. re: bordeauxfan

                I've been to Del Posto twice, first at the enoteca and the second time in the main restaurant. I definately preferred the enoteca. I thought the atmosphere was more intimate and the price more tolerable. Joe Bastianich even bussed our table and Lidia B. came over to chat with us as well. Good to know they now take resers for the enoteca, will be in NYC for a few days at the end of Feb and may give it a go again.

                1. re: MagnumWino

                  no food is served at the bar. actually, i think they have some finger food at the bar but you cannot order from the main menu or enoteca