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Jan 17, 2008 07:37 AM

Food shops in San Diego

Staying at the Manchester Grand Hyatt and would love to know of any can't-miss kitchen or food shops in the area - particulary anywhere I could find matcha powder. Also, going to Kemosabe tonight -- good choice?

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  1. Not too far from where you are staying there is the Mona Lisa Italian Deli. It's on India Street in Little Italy.

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    1. re: dimsumgirl

      Thanks. Great for shopping, lunching or both?

      1. re: dinner belle

        DB: We picked up delcious sandwiches on our way to the airport and loved them. Also stocked up on some great deli items that we brought hom to NorCal.

    2. Matcha powder is available at Extraordinary Desserts, on Union Street between Ash and Beech. The food shops in Little Italy are kind of fun - on India Street between about Ash and Grape. There are some fun restaurant supply stores in the East part of downtown SD, but no fancy stores like Sur la Table or Wms Sonoma. For those you have to go to North County or Mission Valley.

      Personally, unless you like really fussy overseasoned food, I would not recommend Kemosabe. I would probably send you to Cafe Chloe, Oceanaire, Chive, Red Pearl Kitchen, or even Mary Janes or Nobu at the Hard Rock Hotel - all downtown. In Hillcrest, you could try Bite, California Cuisine or The Better Half - and in North Park Jayne's Gastropub, Urban Solace or the Linkery. Enjoy!

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          Thanks, Alice. Fun restaurant supply stores sound great. More info on those, please? I'm traveling with my parents -- they are 78 and 81, but still quite into good food and wine and getting out and about. Would that influence your suggestions? Checked out Ritual Tavern's website, Josh. Am sure I'd love it but not for my parents.