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Jan 17, 2008 07:03 AM

Lunch near National Gallery of Art on Sunday?

We're going to the National Gallery this Sunday. I was wondering if anyone can suggest any casual, inexpensive places that are close to grab a bite to eat and a beer (preferably a microbrew). Thanks!

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  1. Hmm I am not a big beer person, but neither Matchbox nor Gordon Biersch are too far away and the bf finds their beer selections pretty tasty and I like matchbox for pizza and mini burgers and the meatloaf at gordon biersch is a guilty pleasure of mine. They aren't right at the gallery, but not too far of a walk and not too expensive.

    1. A good bet is RFD, which is north on 7th, right by the Verizon Center in China Town (a walk of maybe a half dozen blocks from the West end of the National Gallery). They have a good micro-brew on tap selection, and a large bottle beer selection. It's definitely casual. The food is quite average, but the beers are YUMMY.

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        Yeah, great beer selection, the food if by quite average you mean bar food on the bad side of bar food is correct in my book. You could always go somewhere nice to eat then go there for a beer. I ate there once and wouldn't eat there again unless really starving with no other options.

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          Does anyone know if the food in the National Gallery itself is good? I noticed that they have several cafes and was wondering if one is better than the other. Thanks!

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            I haven't eaten there, but my Mom said the place on the upper level was better, but I don't think she has been in a while.

            The sculpture garden isn't too far, and isn't bad for casual fair, plus you canw atch the skaters, they even have beer. I don't know if inside the gallery does, but the sculpture garden I know does, I forget what kind and I also don't know their serving hours for liquor.

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              The food at the Espresso/Gelato place inside -- under the fountain -- is the same as at the sculpture garden, with less selection, good sandwiches, and I'm pretty sure there's beer. The cafeteria is also there, which has lots of selection and some good food, but I think it's super expensive for what it is. I think it's a very nice setting there, to rest in between the art.h There's also the cafe with the brunch buffet which is more money (I think $18/per person) -- I haven't actually eaten there, but it seems like it would be really enjoyable. They create a meal that reflects one of the special exhibiations, so most recently it was New England-inspired food to capture the spirit of the Hopper exhibit.

              Over at the sculpture garden cafe, you can watch the skaters....

      2. No microbrew at the following , but if you want beer (just a few bottled beer choices) with an interesting and delicious lunch, I would suggest the restaurant at the American Indian Museum across the Mall from the East Wing. Best food on the Mall by far. The Nat'l Gallery waterfall cafeteria has significantly improved over the years and now has some very good selections (salads, sushi, hot dishes) along with regular tourist food.

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          The restaurant in the National gallery has authentic tapas and really well prepared salads. Though not cheap, I think it is better value than Jaleo ifyou choose carefully. The waterfall view is nice too. Last time I went to the Museum of the American Indian, the look was good, but the taste was dumbed down.