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Jul 11, 2001 09:03 PM

Joint for BBQ beef ribs

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Where can I get very good BBQ beef ribs? I've been to Phillip's, Woody's, and JR's, and the Lighthouse (though at the L-house they do put pieces of brisket on the beef ribs which is a nice touch) but usually their ribs are much more dryed out and chewy rather than tender and tasty. I guess these joints are more of a pork rib-based type places. I've been to Mom's BBQ in Van Nuys, which actually has tender, flavorful ribs. Any recommendations for places with good beef ribs? (and DR. Hogly crap and tony roma's don't count)

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  1. Try Mr. Cecil's California Ribs. 12244 West Pico Blvd

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    1. re: Rachel Lee

      I'm torn on Mr. Cecil's. It gets great reviews, but I've never been impressed. The exterior is usually more charred than I like; however, the inside tends to remain tender, moist and flavorful. Read somewhere that they par-boil their ribs prior to smoking them on the grill, which might account for the contrast. I also think their two sauces are second rate. Neither has the balance of flavor I want in my BBQ sauce. (One of the sauces at The Pig comes close, but I'd still want to modify it.)

      I've been at a bit of a loss since Big Daddy's Q House closed (La Brea & Rodeo). And that seems like forever ago. I guess I've been too focused on establishing standards in other food genres to really put any time into BBQ. There are a few in my neighborhood -- 4J's, Benny's and the little one on Abbott Kinney. But nothing that put me over the top.

      1. re: Rachel Lee

        actually been to mr. cecil's many times. and i do like the ribs. they're hamburger and fries is worth a try too. and also the coconut cake and chocolate, which if you haven't tried are some of the best dessets in town (though $5 for a puny slice is way too excessive) yet the service stinks and the place is basically a dump and considerably overpriced to boot. do you guys have any other suggestions?

        1. re: kevin

          Try The Pig for L.A.'s best Pork Ribs.........and Brisket, and pulled pork........great desserts, service.......friendly......on La Brea near Melrose.

        2. re: Rachel Lee

          Yeh, add me to the list of people who just don't get the hype about Mr. Cecil's. I've been there three times now (had the St. Louis ribs twice and the baby backs once), and I'm still scratching my head about this place. Given that it's the only 'cue joint in the neighborhood, I guess I can understand its popularity that way (I'm not counting Tony Roma's at the Westside Pavilion, BTW), but objectively, I just don't get it. Either the ribs I've had have been tough and dried out, or nice and juicy but completely lacking in smoke-pit flavor. At Phillips you can even see how much smoke goes into the ribs by how much smoke comes billowing out of the chimney on the roof.

          Of course, my favorite (based upon very limited exposure, mind you, as I've yet to make a proper Deep South 'cue pilgrimage) is still the old Jake & Earl's BBQ in Cambridge, MA, when it still existed as a little closet next door to Chris Schlesinger's marquee joint, the East Coast Grill. Ah, those Memphis ribs, that brisket!

          1. re: Rachel Lee

            everything about mr. cecil's is second rate, terrible service, pompous owner, blue cheese dressing that haven't seen blue cheese, overpriced food.
            just don't get the hype!
            had to return a wedge of lettuce that was old,limp, lukewarm and inedible and at $3.50 a robbery.

            1. re: hana

              everything you said about mr. cecil's is correct except that the beef ribs there are very good and the coconut cake is out of this world.

              1. re: kevin

                l will admitt to only having the babyback ribs and they were so so, the only appropriate anology here would be that mr. cecil is to bbq what 'the olive garden' is to italian food. . .

          2. Zeke's on Santa Monica Blvd in Weho has great beef ribs.

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            1. re: Mastodon

              The first time I tried Zeke's on Santa Monica in Weho, I ordered the beef rib and it was fantastic. The second time it was awful. Two extremes, but the second time was so bad, I haven't returned. I really like the beef rib at Baby Blues on Lincoln in Venice. Its like a steak on a bone.

              1. re: rednyellow

                Indeed, their Texas beef ribs are enormous and delicious.

            2. JnJ burger & barbq at adams & fairfax, has been inconsistent, but i've had VERY good beef ribs there. as well as great burgers. there are a lot of cons to mr. cecils, but i like the beef ribs pretty consistently, although no bargain.

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                1. well i love Baby Blues BBQ on lincoln if u go there the chef will make u sample the killer shrimp also but the bbq is very good.