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Jan 17, 2008 06:47 AM

Yes, I have to get the bread at China Islamic, but WHICH one?

There are three on the menu:
Sesame bread
Sesame bread with green onion (with a samll, medium and large option)
Seasme thin bread with green onion.

There's also a
Green onion pie.

Which one? Or should I order all for a bread hootenanny?

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  1. One of each! But keep in mind they give you a lot, so go with a pack of friends, or expect to take some home.

    My favorite is the green onion pie - not a pie at all, but more like a tortilla with flecks of green onions in it. How something so simple can taste so good, I'll never know :)

    1. my staple is the:

      "Sesame bread with green onion (with a small, medium and large option)"

      i dip it into the lamb stew. nirvana!

      1. The sesame bread with green onion and the green onion pie are both wonderful. I haven't tried the sesame bread without green onion because I just love green onions so much. And when the sesame bread comes to your table straight out of the oven, steaming hot, the crunchy sesame crust and the pillow-soft bread inside flecked with the savory green onions, its just pure pleasure. PLEASE eat it with their assorted warm pot!!! My family always does. Perfect cold weather comfort food for me.

        The green onion pie at China Islamic is one of the best I've tried. Many restaurants serve it, but their's is consistently good, IMHO. I eat it wrapped around their sautéed green beans or their noodles (yumm...starch on starch).

        1. The sesame bread is what they are known for.

          Whether you get it with or without green onions is really a mattter of personal preference. I prefer with, because it adds a nice savory dimension to the bread that plays off nicely with the toastiness of the sesame crust.

          1. Sesame thin bread with green onion!!

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