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Jan 17, 2008 06:39 AM

Anyone have opinions on Nan?

Going to concert at World Cafe Live and thought about dinner at Nan before concert. Any good? How is the food at World Cafe Live? Also any help on parking and good (cheap,white dog looks good but expensive) bars in the area. Is Cavanaughs nearby?

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  1. Nice place. The atmosphere is a little strange as the building is long & narrow. But I have always enjoyed my meals here.

    1. Nan makes the best sweetbreads I've ever tasted. They are sauteed and put upon creamed leeks, then topped with a delicate puff pastry and surrounded by the most amazing port wine reduction I'd ever had the pleasure of tasting. Every time I'm in Philadelphia, I order that and the restaurant knows me by name now.

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        Had one meal there and it was GREAT~~~~~ Not cheap however! Don't let the ambiance fool you ! Upscale food(Not Steven Starr but not Pats Steaks)(Smile)

        We went at 6:30 and got space to park on the street! ENjoy~

      2. Excellent choice from start to finish. And they serve La Colombe.

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        1. re: Chefpaulo

          I agree with the other posters. The chef is talented and some neat dishes come out of that kirchen.