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Jan 17, 2008 06:38 AM

Denver's Z Cuisine no more?

According to Jason Sheehan in the Westord Z Cuisine closed and the owners and staff opened "A Cote" (not sure on spelling) nearby. Has anyone been? Is it any bigger? Do they have any of the same dishes?

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  1. They've been working on that space for a long time. Last spring while it was already under construction one of the staffers told me they envisioned it as a place where people could hang out and drink wine and eat apps (and it would give people a place to sit while waiting for one of the few tables at Z Cuisine), but since the two rooms weren't connected, they hadn't sussed out how to handle that. I guess they decided that it made more sense to just go with the new space and ditch the old one. I haven't been to the newly-reopened A' Côté space yet, but their website has a menu posted at for last Friday the 11th and it looks similar (and very good), although I don't see the cassoulet.

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      I love this place!
      hopefully the transformation will be as lovely as the z cuisine was.

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        So, just to make sure I understand, it's basically the same place, expanded, different name?
        Still haven't been there; really look forward to it.

      2. I heard this today. So sad. That was one of our favorite places and a big part of the appeal was that idiosyncratic space.

        The closing of Z Cuisine also negates the name of the new place, sinc A Cote means "next to." Next to what?

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          Per Westword's Cafe Bites e-mail: Chef/Owner Patrick Dupays has reconsidered and is looking to re-open Z Cuisine with a new staff and keep A Cote open as a wine bar.

        2. The original comment has been removed