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Jan 17, 2008 06:33 AM

NY Hall of Science area. Food?

I'm going out to the Hall of Science on Saturday. When I looked it up, I found it's in Flushing, 4701 111th St. Now this little field trip seems much more interesting to me! We'll have two kids with us, one will eat most anything, the other would certainly eat rice! Thanks for any help you can offer.

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  1. Easy call, Leo Latticini on 104 street and 46 th ave. On Saturday they are only open 'till 5:00 p.m. It is a short walk if you do not have a car.If you do have a car, don't forget to hit Lemon Ice King if you don't get dessert at Leo's. If you have a car and want a full Italian meal try Parkside for a good old fashioned "red sauce" meal. Of course all the usual Flushing Asian places are nearby but not within walking distance, you would have to hop on the 7 one stop.

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      As far as I know, there is no place to sit at Leo's, which is a fabulous Italian deli. Definitely worth it to get heroes and take home, if you are thinking of that. Check out the fresh pasta store next door, run by the same family. That's an easy lunch or dinner on Sunday.

      Guess it depends on your transportation situation, timing, budget and palate...

      As to Parkside, it may be too late to get a reservation for this Saturday.

      If you do go to Flushing, poke your head into the Hong Kong Market, a supermarket on 37th Avenue and Main Street. They have a bunch of different kinds of Asian noodles and buns, fresh and frozen and all sorts of frozen duplings that can be fun for snacks. Also interesting produce. I am sure that others who post will have other Flushing suggestions, but I always love to pick up some "different" stuff here.

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        I'd personally toss Chengdu Heaven out, but it's a hassle if you're not prepared. That would sure as hell be a cultural experience for the kids though. "Mommy, why are you trying to order in Chinese?"

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          A couple of doors down from Leo's deli is their pastry shop with a large seating capacity. They encourage people to take the sandwich over there to relax and eat and no doubt in the hope you will also order dessert and coffee.

          1. re: stuartlafonda

            Didn't think of that, but not surprising. Those sweet women sure have the gift for business.

      2. Hi Pat,
        The Hall of Science is hard by the side of the Grand Central Parkway on the western fringe of Flushing Meadows Corona Park. (across the highway from the Tennis Center).
        You'll have to get back on the #7 train or drive over to downtown Flushing to hit one of those places (S & T, Sentosa, Joe's Shanghai, etc.). We tried the newly reopened Green Papaya on Prince Street last weekend and the roti canai is better than ever. They are even putting TWO pieces of chicken in the little bowl of curry broth!
        How about Parkside for some Italian?
        Leo's for a sandwich?
        John K.

        1. Empanadas del parque ( is quite close to the Hall of Science. It has a couple of tables, if you have to eat in. It's not quite a real meal, but they are really good and make a nice lunch.

          1. If you have to stay in Corona, then go to Parkside. Solid red sauce. Honestly though, I see no reason to not go to Jackson Heights or Flushing from there. In JH (probably the closer choice) you could have amazing meals at Taqueria Coatzingo (probably the best Mexican in NY) or Rincon Criollo (excellent Cuban, but ONLY and I mean ONLY get the daily specials.) You can also have a lot of fun with the cart food over there. If you went to Flushing then Little Pepper is a great option with less parking trouble than places on Main. That would fill the rice request.

            1. Oh yeah, Chao Thai, Zabb Thai and Srip (the triumvirate of happiness) are all quite close too!