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Jan 17, 2008 06:20 AM

Whole Foods Nashua Nh

Does anyone know when and where they will be opening the new Whole Foods in Nashua Nh? Will it be near the Trader Joes in Tyngsboro? Just curious.

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  1. I thought it was supposed to go in Hudson....but that whole proposal was shot down. (at the golf course)

    But maybe it'll go in the new project on DW???

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    1. re: rizzo0904

      I don't know what the new project is on DW, but I did read (a while ago, in the Hippo) that it was going in a new area somewhere near the Pheasant Lane mall, like behind it perhaps...something to the effect of an "old fashioned Main Street." That's all I've heard...which is was closer to the Manch. area, though!!

      1. re: melissa24

        New England Development, Packard Development, and W/S Development are developing a lifestyle retail center at a prime location within this thriving metropolis. Just minutes from the Massachusetts border,
        Nashua Landing includes 600,000 square feet of specialty shops and restaurants, including the first Whole Foods Market in New Hampshire plus the area’s premier theater.

        Nashua Landing is ideally situated just off Exit 1from Route 3 with three points of entry off Daniel Webster Highway. This location provides the retail center with ease of access and excellent visibility.

        1. re: rizzo0904

          Yeah it's going to be behind Best Buy and the sky diving place.

          1. re: SuperGrover

            I think they're still at the permit stage, so late 2009 is my guess.

    2. Cool! Love the idea of new shops and restaurants. Whole foods too.

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      1. re: snl1129

        With the project delayed will we ever get our Whole Foods? :(

      2. I don't know when, but the sign Whole Foods Coming Soon is up in the old Rich's plaza on Amherst Street, where Market Basket just vacated. Zippidee doo dah, zippidee ay!

        1. The banner is now on the façade of the building at Exit 7 off Route 3 in Nashua.

          1. Wow. This thread started over SIX YEARS AGO