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Jan 17, 2008 06:13 AM

Good takeout lunch near Rittenhouse?

I recently got a new job right on Rittenhouse Square. My tastebuds (and wallet) are growing weary of DiBruno's, and Cosi grosses me out. Where else nearby can I grab a quick semi-healthy take out lunch? Is the Tuscany Cafe any good? Thanks!

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  1. Try Tampopo on 21st & chesnut. They do japanese bento boxes that can be pretty healthy

    1. Le Bus has fresh salads and sandwiches and there is a little Thai place on the same side of 18th street. Also, The Corner Bakery is just a few blocks away and has soups, salads, etc to go.

      1. you can also try the rittenhouse market (18th and spruce) it's a grocery store but they have some good soups, sandwiches made to order and a little case of pre made salads, entrees, etc.

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          Forgot about the market thanks! I keep forgetting how close I am to Spruce Street, I'm so used to working near Arch & Market. Does Day by Day do takeout?

          How about the Wrap Shack?

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            Yes, Day by Day does takeout. Their food is really fresh and delicious (the havarti/tomato/avocado/sprouts sandwich -- yum). Another spot for good sandwiches is 21st Street Gourmet, a stone's throw from Day by Day.

        2. I love Tuscany's spinach salad with blue cheese, walnuts, and (depending on the season) dried cranberries or strawberries.

          Mama's Vegetarian, 20th between Market and Chestnut -- falafal, etc.

          Day by Day, 21st and Sansom -- sandwiches, salads