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Jan 17, 2008 06:12 AM

Chowhound is slow to load

For the past few weeks, CH has been extremely slow to load. Even when it's finished loading, the load icon doesn't stop turning on the tab, either in IE or in Firefox. I often need to refresh a few times to get a page to load. No other website does this to me.

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  1. Chowhound is also slow for me and only recently (within last 2 months). As I work for a company that does web site monitoring, I investigated a bit and found that the page is not rendering right away because the browser is trying to load or parse the following URL:

    I did a capture of the traffic with a Firefox plugin (Live HTTP Headers) of the page load so I can send it to you if you wish.

    I start from the Montreal board and read the various topics in there. This "Transferring data from" message always appear in my status bar, when the slowness appear.

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    1. re: marblebag

      Yes, I often see this address in my bottom bar when the page seems to be stalling.

      1. re: Chris VR

        Yes, so do I, and I have been noticing it in particular in the past few weeks, because the site has been dramatically slower than usual, and that url is always seems to be the issue.

        1. re: JasmineG

          I installed AdBlock Plus on my Firefox and inserted the * in it so now instant loading again!

          I haven't blocked any ads from Chowhound because some of them are actually useful and have good information. This video however spoils the entire experience.

          1. re: marblebag

            I have Adblock Plus, I've just been hesitant to block the videos because I am interested in what they do and would like to know about them. However, they mess up my browser so much (frequently making the whole browser freeze) and make the site load so slowly, that I think I have no choice.

    2. This is still happening and has been for over a week. Not worth trying to read more than a few comments, since it takes forever to load from one to another.Why is this such an often occuring problem!!