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Jan 17, 2008 06:11 AM

Going to Lupa tonight at 6pm

Any suggestions on what to order, we have one person who does not eat carbs or fish, what would be good to order from meat main cours menu? Also do main dishes come with some kind of side dish or do people order pasta and main dish?

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  1. Not for your no carb friend, but my favorite pastas are the gnocchi (pretty universally praised) and the bevette cacio & pepe. The main dishes are a la carte and there are vegetable contorni to supplement. We usually start with some cured meats and vegetables - the vegetables change pretty regularly so I can't recommend anything specific but whatever is with pecorino is usually a good choice, and then get those two pastas and split a main course. For non-fish I love the pork shoulder.

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      Thanks BML and RREMS!
      I will report back tomorrow!

    2. The saltimbocca was very good, and it did come with a vegetable (swiss chard I think?). It was a very large portion. I have not had the pork shoulder but I plan to try it next time. I just think it is the sort of thing they would do very well. Loved the gnocchi. They don't do half orders of pasta, so two of us shared it. My partner had the tripe appetizer and it was wonderful. If you like tripe, it is one of the best around.

      1. We had wonderful time in Lupa! We had nice red wine- Mendoza, it was 30$ and was full bodied and very fruity. My gf and I shared Buckweat Pasta and Pork shoulder- it was just amazing. My bf had Saltimbocca and said that it was sort of salty, but he was pretty happy. And my gf's husband had the fish, which was very salty and he didn't even finish it. So I guess a lot of things that are cooked in Romana type kitchens are soaked in salt for a long time. Over all we enjoyed our dinner before the show. We had 6pm reservations for the back room and had a lovely time.
        Not sure if I will go back or not, there are so many other Italian places in the city.

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          Thanks for reporting back. Interesting that although I loved the saltimbocca I also thought it could have been a bit less salty.