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Jan 17, 2008 05:41 AM

Did the "PERSIAN DOUGHNUT" ever arrive in Toronto?


When I lived in Thunder Bay I was introduced to a unique pastry item called the "PERSHING".
Can any Chowhound tell me if they know of a place here in Toronto where I can get such an item?
.....................I need my "PERSHING" fix.

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    1. I could never understand why people would eat these things. I always found them far too sweet.

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        Same reason they would eat Krispy Kreme's I guess :)

      2. MMM... the persian. always at the corner store (The Cow Palace was closest to where I lived) in a grease soaked cardboard box with a piece of plastic over top. A great Thunder Bay food item, but really they don't compare to breakfast at the Hoito, or mid afternoon snack at Kengus. But I digress.
        Don't think it would work here in Toronto.