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Jan 17, 2008 05:32 AM

Smithwick's on tap near Wall Street/Broadway?

Hello Chowhounds; I am new to working at 55 Broadway and am seeking a pub that is open for lunch and has Smithwick's on tap. Food is a must; cheap, tasty food is a plus! Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

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  1. Ulysses. One Hanover Square.


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    1. I love your post...
      The Irish Punt at 40 Exchange Place

      1. update from the OP; tried the Irish Punt. Liked it a lot. Smithwick's as promised, quick seating, very friendly and prompt service. I had the fish & chips and my friend had the house burger, both of which were among the better examples of each of those dishes we've had in many, many pubs. Prices a little on the low side of what you'd expect for that level of quality and service in the area ($52 for 4 beers and two meals, not including tip). I will visit again! I will also try Ulysses and report back to this space!

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          Reporting back, as promised. Had dinner at Ulysses last night. Lovely space, although the dining room was eerily empty, but it was a funny time (5:15ish on a Tuesday night). I got the impression that there was a much livelier bar area to one side of us, and signs pointed to the carving board (another dining room?) in another direction. Yes, there was Smithwick's, but I don't think it was a new keg!
          The food was yummy, although I didn't try any of my pub favorites. The service was friendly. Prices average ($6 pints and $12 and up entrees, chops started at around $20).
          I will go again, at lunchtime, and hopefully try some freshly carved meats!!