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Jan 17, 2008 04:57 AM

RW lunch recommendations for chef geoff's?

I'm going there today (first time) and they seem to have an incredibly extensive RW menu. I'd love some recommendations!

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  1. My recommendation would be to try to book something else nearby - I've never had 3 courses at CG worth $20, even at dinner. Unfortunately, I've found it to be family chain restaurant quality food, at Downtown DC prices.

    1. I went on Monday and thought it was ok.
      Appetizers: Their asparagus risotto balls would've been great except they were still cold in the middle. My bf's duck spring rolls were overly greasy (even for him) although they did have a substantial amount of duck. I'm sorry this isn't helpful at all... the lady next to us got the buffalo mozzarella app and seemed to enjoy them thoroughly.

      I got a steak salad as an entree and couldn't chew through the steak, but the bf got a burger and said it was amazing.

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        I'd also recommend going somewhere else. If you want the burger, go for happy hour when it's $5. You don't go to RW to get burgers. Close by, go to TenPenh or Ceiba and sit at the bar if you can't get a table. Tosca is also close by, but may also be hard to get a table at. I think a RW meal at CG is an RW meal wasted.

      2. I agree with the others...don't go. I just made a post about 2 days ago (I don't have time to locate and link to it, sorry!) as I went last Friday night (not for RW), and it was generally awful. Spend your hard earned $$ elsewhere!

        1. so i didn't go. instead i went to bombay club which was DELICIOUS. i don't think it receives much press on this site or general praise but i wanted to say that it was incredibly enjoyable. my companion ordered a different entree and dessert and was equally impressed (i had the bbq chicken dish she had the lamb, i had rice pudding she had mango sorbet). we both had the kabob appetizer. YUM. highly recommended.