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Back forty - thoughts/recommends?

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This place looks great to me - anyone been? Recommends on what to order?


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  1. Get there early and pay attention to your place in line. This place was packed on that warm Tuesday night a week or 2 ago, and we left after waiting for 25 minutes. I would be willing to go back to actually try the food on a quieter night.

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      I was there early on Saturday (6:30pm) without reservations and immediately sat at the communal table. I didn't think the burger was anything special. I ordered it medium and had to send it back because it was cold and raw. The rosemary fries were very good, as were the onion rings. The sides looked very small. I washed it down with a tequilla sunrise, which was extremely strong (not complaining). By 7:30 the place was slamming. With so many great options in the neighbourhood, I don't think I'll return.

    2. After hearing about their local and organic approach to cooking, which I highly respect, we decided to give them a try about a week ago. We came in around 6:30, they had plenty of seats. We got sat in the back room. The place looks nice, lots of light wood, still could smell the paint/varnish a little.
      I ordered the homemade Pork Sausage served with red cabbage.The flavor was there but unfortunately they were overcooked and dry. Even cooked correctly the the dish needed some moisture.
      My friend ordered the Cheeseburger which I tried and was very good, cooked perfectly. On the side we had the brussel sprouts which were tasty and and fries which has rosemary in them but were hot but soggy.
      By the time we left they had filled up. I want to like BackForty. I might go back to give them another chance. From this first experience I was kinda disappointed.

      1. Have not been, but the burger is getting good reviews.


        1. I've been plenty of times. Order as much as you can from the vegetable sides. The burger is good, the other "core" items (or entrees) are okay. Sunday evening, early, is quiet, otherwise - yes - expect to wait twenty minutes or more. That's the way we do things in Manhattan now, apparently.

          1. After looking forward to going there, my first visit left me disappointed. In short, I appreciate the attention to the provenance of ingredients, but found the preparation uninspired to the point of bland at times. We arrived on a Saturday night and and were seated after a 20 minute wait (allowing us to have a drink at a bar next door), which was fine. The menu is more limited than I expected. I had the roast chicken which was juicy but bland and the cumin sauce accompaniment did not complement the meat. The parsnip fries were undercooked. The onion rings were good. My friend's burger was fine, though also undercooked. The atmosphere and staff are jovial. My friend was excited by the fact they serve "cask" beer -- evidently very rare on the East Coast. But I don't think I'll be back soon.

            1. I've been twice and had really good experiences both times. The first time we got there late on a Tuesday or Wed night (don't remember) and still had to wait close to an hour to sit (close to 10 before we got a table). But they were super nice at the bar while we waited and the house bottle of red wine we got was pretty good.

              The food that night was really good ... my favorite was a pumkin and fennel salad and a crab salad on broiche. And they were really cool about letting us linger late into the night despite the place emptying out. Made for a nice evening.

              The second time around (just last week) the food was far better. Also, we (4 instead of 2 this time) were sat almost immediately at 9pm on a Thursday night. I was sad the crab salad seemed to be missing but we had a grilled trout that was good, whole fried maine shrimp that were devine (if you like heads), brussel sprouts that were really good (though really rich), and biscuits with maple butter that were nice and flakey (though not really inspired). The only dish that didn't get a good review was my friend's pork chop (which I didn't try but she found too fatty)

              I also love the atmosphere but it's entirely my style.

              1. I have to agree with the disappointed posters. The burger was nothing special, and all of the little sides we tried were drowning in grease. The staff is nice enough but that's about all I can say for the place.