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Jan 17, 2008 04:48 AM

Jekyll Island, GA this weekend - with kids

We're going to be attending a company function on Jekyll Island this weekend. It looks like it's going to rain on Saturday while my SO is in meetings and I'll have the kids to myself. A treat of going out to lunch looks like it's going to be one of the only activities we'll be able to do. Any suggestions besides Bennigan's? My two chow pups are extremely well-behaved and love to eat out, but one is still firmly entrenched in the "chicken and french fries" phase while the other is more adventurous. I'd love to have the option of some really good seafood and maybe a view of the water.

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  1. If your little one must have chicken fingers and fries, why not drive over the Jekyll Island bridge heading towards St.,Simons and stop at Spanky's? It has a lovely view of the water, and pretty decent food. It is very kid friendly, and not more than a 10 minute drive from Jekyll. There are lots of great places to eat in St. Simon's, but you may not want to go that far (another 15 minutes past Spanky's). Enjoy!

    1. It's beenyears since I had any desire to return to Jekyll but from what I recall and per my brother and his friends on St. Simon's, Jekyll is far from a culinary mecca. Here are some threads:

      1. it's not a culinary mecca but we loved it this summer despite the iffy food. the good food is at the jekyll island club. pricey and not necessarily kid oriented but you can do it - i did with a 4 and 1 year old.

        1. Thanks, everyone, for your suggestions. Here's what we ended up doing.

          Friday night, we grabbed as many people as we could and headed over to Seajay's. The low country boil was a bit disappointing (not as spicy as we had hoped) but the sausage was great and everything else was really good. Delicious crab cakes. It's a casual place, and they were very funny with the kids. There was even live music.

          Saturday the moms and kids went to St. Simon and climbed the lighthouse. Afterwards, we were hungry and were torn between the 4th of May Cafe and Barbara Jean's. We ended up at Barbara Jean's for more crabcakes. They were even better than at Seajay's. Huge lumps of crabmeat, cakes not too dry and not too wet. Nice choices for vegetable sides and again great with the kids.

          I was hoping to get away from the JI Club for breakfast, but morning choices on the island seem to be non-existent. So we ended up at the breakfast buffet in the Grand Dining Room each day. Kids eat half price, so it wasn't too bad of a deal. My 6 year old can out-eat me (and frequently does) so we felt we got our money's worth.

          Dinners were at the JI Club, sponsored by my SO's company. Everything was good. I only have two complaints. The soup at the dinner buffet was touted as "seafood chowder" but was really more of a seafood gumbo. The last time I checked, chowder did not have okra in it. <grin> Also, the dessert buffet on Sunday night consisted of four different kinds of cheesecake. I have a dairy allergy, so I wasn't able to have anything sweet. It's not a huge deal, and I didn't ask anyone for something non-dairy, I just thought it was kind of strange. As an aside, no-one in the hotel seemed to offer a non-dairy creamer for coffee, so I ended up taking the little packets from our coffee machine in the room and carrying them with me. Isn't that odd? They put the non-dairy creamer in the rooms but don't stock any in the restaurants...

          Despite the weather, we all had a good time on Jekyll Island. If we ever head back to the area, I'd probably stay in St. Simon instead, though.

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            I think Jekyll is REALLY weather dependent because what makes it nice is the unspoiled nature part of it. kind of that there isn't a lot to do. we liked the historical area and the turtle rescue center but if the weather's bad and you can't walk around and do the beach or nature stuff - you're right there isn't much! glad you had fun!