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Jan 17, 2008 04:26 AM

Need help with ordering at Russ and Daughters-whats your favorites???

Sending a care package to my brother for his b-day but need some help on what to include. Read and re-read all the wonderful posts about this place and came to the conclusion, it's hard to go wrong with about anything from here because its all good. But still, if you could add any suggestions would greatly appreciate it. (My sister-in-law does not like lox so basically I'm sending the gift just for my dad is with them now (age 89-doesn't eat that much) and may eat a few slices of the gaspa nova but can't see him eating any of the smoked lox) Here's what I've got so far.....
........1/4lb gaspa nova
.........1/4lb pastrami lox
........1/4lb scottish salmon
........1/2lb chive cream chz
........8 bialeys and 4 bagels (Bialeys are such a treat for them-can't get them
where they live)
........1/4lb sable
........1/2lb whitefish salmon salad
..........1/2lb chopped liver
...........1lb rugela for my sister-in-law

Am I missing anything and does the amounts of salmon seem right or do you recommend just sending a taste of the scottish salmon/ pastrami lox (maybe 1/8lb of each and sticking with a little more of the gaspa) Also is the sturgeon a better bet then the sable......Well once again... TIA for all your help

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  1. I am drooling already. I won't go into any "mispellings" but you got the gist of all the good stuff. In my opinion, 1/4 lb size of the salmon makes two sandwiches. I wouldn't go below a 1/4 on anything so yummy. I love their herring and cream sauce but that is an acquired taste. I am a sable fan over sturgeon. fyi, I prefer a babka (which they have) over the rugelach. Chocolate preferably. For a added treat, try the chocolate covered marshmallow twists. Enjoy

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      Thanks Eve for the reassurance. I know what you mean about that babka. I've already sent it to them and other family up there and they loved it. I think its the same one as Dean and Deluca's which I have had. I just came from my Deli here in Fl. where I buy my lox and the guy let me try a sample of both their sable and sturgeon. I liked the texture of the sturgeon better but it was still a little salty for me. Didn't love either one enough to buy. I remember my mom getting the whitefish when we were kids which I liked. It was always a treat since we didn't have any deli's where we grew up. Anyway, will add a few slices of R & D herring as you suggested. Thanks again.

    2. You have to get some Baltic herring. Some prefer it creamed with onions but I'm more for the pickled variety. Heaven! The best is the stuff from Holland that the Queen gets the first taste of before they can sell it to anyone else. That's a spring thing, I believe.

      1. My two favorite salmons are the Wild Western and the Wild Baltic (champagne color). The pastrami salmon and gaspe are ok, but I would sub out and go for the Western and Baltic. Also I would send some pickles, but that is probably because I love pickles.

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          Hey John, Thanks....just called R &D to place my order but they were pretty busy now so their going to call me back shortly. I did get to ask them though about the Baltic salmon but they are out of it today. Will include the Wild Western like you suggested but still will stick with Gaspa since thats seems to be the traditional type of lox and know my dad will probably like that one the best.

          1. re: chocolate

            "Traditional" means different things to different people (duh), but I think the belly lox is the most old-school of the bunch. Not everyone likes it, since it's very salty.

            I'm very fond of the caviar cream cheese.

        2. I would actually skip the whitefish salad. It's good, but adding salmon to it really detracts from the smoky richness of most examples I've had. Plus unless your box is temperature-controlled, the salad may spoil.

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            Wow almost every post I read everyone always seem to rave about their whitefish/salmon salad. This was one of the things I thought I knew for sure to order. For me, I love both whitefish and salmon salad although I have never had it combined in one salad like this but I think I'll give it a try anyway. I know my uncle wasn't so keen on the idea when I told him that I was sending salads along with the lox and bagels but apparently R & D does it all the time and must have it figured out so things don't spoil. I think they use dry ice and everything is overnighted.

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              Like I said, it is good, but the chunkiness and richness of whitefish salad is what really does it for me and the whipped salmon detracts from that. But it's been a while since I've had the whitefish salad at Russ & Daughters; perhaps I should go over and give it another try.

            2. re: JungMann

              Strongly, couldn't disagree more on the whitefish salad. I think it might be the best whitefish salad anywhere. Not so sure about the shipping though.

            3. not sure how it would ship, but their bagel pudding is sublime. also hanky t. is right, you gotta have pickled herring...