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Jan 17, 2008 12:03 AM

Spicy potato chips?

I'm looking for potato chips that will provide intense heat. The jalapeno flavoured chips found in major supermarkets are pretty tame.

Fiery Habanero Doritos are OK. They just taste cheesy at first but the heat builds slowly the more you eat. Overall they're like Nachos with lots of black pepper. I find the cheese and corn chip taste interferes with the spiciness. Not to mention the ingredient list is a little scary.

10+ years ago I used to buy snack size Jalapeno chips from a sandwich truck at work. They looked deceptively like regular flavoured chips with a dusting of light green powder, but made your tongue burn immediately. The flavour was great, just potato, salt and hot pepper. It wasn't a major brand, and sadly I don't remember the name. The bag had various shades of green.

Are Blair's Death Rain Habanero chips available in the GTA? They are available online at but they're pretty pricy and I'm wary of shipping chips long distance. They would probably arrive as potato crumbs.

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  1. Blair Death Rain Chips are available at 7/11 stores across the city.

    You can also bulk order from Blair's Rep in Montreal -

    What I would also recommend is to get some of Blair's dry rubs and sprinkle them over regular kettle chips. The Death Rain Nitro is the best. If you like anything hot food related make sure to check out - I run it for Canada.

    1. I've seen Blair's chips at the 7-11 near Donlands and Danforth. Whether they were the habanero ones, I cannot say for sure. Taste The 4th Sense might be able to help out, although I don' t think they carry potato chips.

      Taste The Forth Sense
      375 Danforth Ave, Toronto, ON M4K, CA

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        They don't carry the Blair chips nor will they ever. Your best bet again is at 7/11's as they have a deal with Blair and Gourmet Chip in Montreal to carry the products.

        The Instant Caterer carries them but as I like to call them - The Instant Rip-Off. Way to overpriced for absolutely anything. If you want quality hot sauce in the city your best and only bet is Taste The 4th Sense on the Danforth or their store in St. Jacobs. Plus they are opening one soon in Collingwood.

      2. Cajun Corner carries some very hot mouth hurt and my eyes went all glassy! What fun! But then, I might be a wuss.

        1. Blair's Death Rain chips are available at some Rabba Fine Foods. I know the one near the Skydome (Peter & Front) stocks them. The Fresh & Wild at King & Spadina stocks them too. Rabba is cheaper at $4. Blair's does salsa too.

          I originally tried the Cajun chips and thought they were pretty damn hot then I tried the Hababero chips a couple of months later. Wow!

          1. Not sure they meet your request, but the current President's Choice offering of Buffalo Wing (and Blue Cheese - the latter not being particularly noticeable)Flavour chips is the hottest I've found locally.

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            1. re: estufarian

              I don't find them too hot, but they are extremely tasty and only $1.49 a bag.