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Jan 16, 2008 10:22 PM

Wuliangye brand baijiu

Anyone know if this is something exported to the United States. Just learned of it and am intrigued.

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  1. In Florida you can get Baojing brand Baijiu, I would imagine they are the same thing. Baojing also makes a vodka which is available down here. Here is a link

    1. An update: I haven't found Wuliangye, but this week I managed to find Moutai (Maotai?) at Buy Rite on Third Avenue between 28th and 29th in New York City.

      1. Wuliangye / Wulianye is a luxury brand, as I recall.

        There's a small liquor shop on Mott just below Canal (two blocks below? Can't remember...) that has a good selection of Baijiu, Maotai, Shaoxing Wine, etc, well up into the $500+ range if you want to go that far (and if you do, you better email me 'coz I want a a taste!) - been a bit curious about some myself, though not speaking the language I'm a bit lost. Like most brandies, the higher cost generally signifies aging - though in some cases, since many of them are infused with medicinal herbs, the price could reflect the rarity of an ingredient as well.

        I suspect to some degree there's diminishing returns on the aged ones, as they'd be aged in ceramic, which wouldn't impart anything to the final product like wood barrelling does. Still, my curiosity may eventually get the best of me and I'll find myself spending much more than I should on a random bottle just to find out...