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Jan 16, 2008 09:05 PM

Visiting SF, need help with dining out

Hey chowers,

Coming from San Diego and I'll be in SF for my birthday and am wondering what are some must eat restaurants I should visit with my girlfriend. I'll be staying for two days and two nights (FRI/SAT) so that leaves two dinners, lunches and breakfasts. So many meals so many possibilities. I'm not looking to spend too much on breakfast and lunch, however dinner can be more pricey like $40-60 a person, not inlcuding drinks. And I'm not a vegetarian so bring on the meat.

What's the place to eat at in ChinaTown? if i were to choose one.
And I want to go to one place in downtown for a nicer birthday dinner? moderate to expensive.

Oh yeah I'll be in the downtown area, O'Farrel street area. I don't have an auto so closer proximity in downtown is a must.

And two more things, are those "Eat your way through China Town" Tours worth it, and if so what is a good one? And is the Ferry Building Market as cool as it looked on Take home chef b/c if so I am going there too. Thanks.

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  1. If you read this post and then provide some more info, that will help. Where are you coming from, have you been here before and what kind of food do you like? Does your $40 to $60 include wine - that will be much more challenging. Read the link here, do some searches and come back with more info and you will get much more useful info.

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      I don't watch Take Home Chef so I can't comment on how cool the FPM looks on TV. However, the Saturday market is fantastic for variety and view-wise is pretty decent. A recent visitor a chef from Virginia,uvahustla, said "Back home after a wonderful trip. I think my favorite thing food wise in the city was the farmer's market . The market simply has unique products to offer (12 diff. kinds of dates, 5 kinds of Asian Pears, citrus fruits galore) and a very hands on friendly approach."

    2. My two recommendations for eating would be dinner at the Tadich Grill and a dim sum lunch at Yank Sing..( now honestly lunch is a bit expensive here, but the dim sum is great as is the entire experience!)...No reservations for Tadich, just show up a bit early and wait with the others...You won't be sorry! Our favorite!

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          thanks for the link, just what I was looking for.