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Jan 16, 2008 08:27 PM

The Elderly Side of Burbank

A friend of mine is looking for a restaurant in Burbank where older people hang out. The kind of place that you find in Florida, where dinner is served early and the food isn't necessarily delicious in the Chowhound way. Anyone have any suggestion. I guess the restaurant doesn't HAVE to be in Burbank, but it would be great. Where do all the older Hollywood types hang out?

Anyone know?

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  1. Smoke House, be sure to get some garlic bread

    1. Castaways - feels like a set from The Golden Girls (Burbank)
      Fromin's Deli (Encino)
      Good Earth (Studio City)
      Hill Street Cafe (Burbank)
      Clancys (Glendale)
      Label's Table
      Lammle theater - Encino (always filled with seniors) - maybe they dine at Waffles and More next door?
      Marie Calendar's ( Sherman Oaks location)
      Gourmet 88 (Burbank)

      1. Rock on Burger Boy!! Smoke House is the grandaddy of Burbank - very old school. Here are some other suggestions:
        1. Bob's Big Boy - 4211 Riverside Drive
        2. Castaway - 1250 E. Harvard Road
        3. Olive's Bistro - 2011 W. Olive Ave.
        4. Paty's - 10001 Riverside Drive
        5. Talleyrand - 1700 W., Olive Ave

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        1. re: omakase

          Tallyrand for SURE. Average age is 140. But they have great sourdough bread. If you prefer worse food, there's Lancers on Victory.

          1. re: Das Ubergeek

            But if you're looking for an even older average age than Tallyrand, Lancers is the place to go.

          2. re: omakase

            Tallyrand, nnniiiiiiiiiicccccccccccccceeee ! ! !

          3. When you mentioned "older Hollywood types" it made me think of Musso Frank's in Hollywood. But there's also Colombo's Italian Steak House in Eagle Rock that kinda reminds of Musso Frank's. Colombo's is located at 1833 Colorado Blvd | At Hermosa Ave.

            1. The Corral Cafe on Burbank Blvd and if you are ever in Van Nuys The Sherman Room is a steak paradise for seniors

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              1. re: CinnamonKitten

                Definitely the coffee shop at Sportsman's Lodge in Studio City. Lamplighter in Van Nuys. Not great food but they do have very good broasted chicken and early bird specials. Boy, I miss Bob Burns. I think I've been to every restaurant listed above except for Musso & Frank (which I still want to try). When I was a kid, I thought these were fine dining experiences until we went to Skandia for my birthday when I was a teenager.

                1. re: Fru

                  Almost forgot, my parents still like La Petit Chateau, also in Studio City. In Burbank on Magnolia there is Pinocchio/Monte Carlo which is an Italian deli/market/cafeteria style restaurant.

                  1. re: Fru

                    We just ate at Le Petit Chateau (for the Beef Wellington). Great place for time warp food and ambiance. Also, (since we are branching out from Burbank) let's not forget Barone's in Sherman Oaks.



                    1. re: Servorg

                      Barone's has moved to Valley Glen, south side of Oxnard just west of Woodman in what used to be the Matterhorn's location. Never eaten there, but I hear they have great pizza.

                    2. re: Fru

                      I've been wondering about Le Petit Chateau for years, as when Mrs. O worked in NoHo we'd drive by it frequently. Unfortunately, by our admittedly modest standards the menu's prices are above the comfort level. I thought the wine list was quite reasonably priced, but at least the online version has a whole bunch of pinot gris bottles listed as reds! Not sure exactly how you'd do that...

                      I think if you're going to list old-folks haunts regardless of foodie interest you need to include Sitton's NoHo Diner - I've actually had several enjoyable meals there, aside from the experience of sitting directly in front of a waitress for maybe ten minutes, trying to get her attention while she stared right through me! Most of the regulars appeared to be my age or better - that's kinda old - and included more than a few elderly couples.

                    3. re: Fru

                      Skandia...what a blast from the past. I remember going there when I was a kid (the first time I ever wore a jacket & tie, in fact), and thinking it was the best place ever (and I guess it kinda was in its day). I miss that roast goose with lingonberries.

                      1. re: Jack Flash

                        Scandia, first place I ever had duck. My dad still gets misty-eyed when talking about it.

                        We went to Pinot Bistro last Sunday (Locals Night 3-course prix fixe has increased to $32 from $29 but still a good deal) and noticed that the crowd seemed particularly elderly. We were way younger than almost everybody else, and we're not young.

                        Also, Oyster House Saloon caters to an older crowd.