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Jul 10, 2001 08:24 AM

Brown Derby @ MGM Grand

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I've done searches and haven't seen any posts on this topic and I have also posted to the Southwest board with no response.

I figured since Las Vegas is the local playground for a lot of Los Angelinos, I'd ask here.

Has anyone been recently that can share an opinion?


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  1. My wife and I went about a year or so ago. We both thought the food was good to very good. Vegas style, the portions are huge. But the quality of the ingredients were top notch and the service was fantastic. I had halibut and my wife had a filet and giant shrimp combo. The fish and shrimp were cooked properly, not to overdone, and somehow we stuffed down dessert too. I can't remember anything not to like, including big drinks and some nice wines by the glass, (my wife doesn't drink so I never get a bottle when it's just the two of us). The final cherry on top was that, despite me being in shorts and tee shirt, they treated me like I was a regular that came in every week wearing a tux. Gave us a giant booth right in the middle of the restaurant. The bar scene was fun as well with a Sinatra impersonater singing live tunes with a pianist. He was really quite good and the crowd was having a lot of fun. I wouldn't call it creative or gourmet, but well worth the visit.

    1. Great sunday brunch. I was there a while back, they had a good selection of food, exotic fruits, etc. They even had 4 different kinds of oysters, 3 different types of caviar, and some crazy fruit I've never eaten before (yellow flesh kiwi, white strawberries, etc). I think you need reservations for the brunch.

      I ate there for dinner a while back, but I really don't remember it. Its good for brunch, but when I'm at MGM, I usually eat at Emerils or Coyote Cafe.

      1. Thanks, I knew I could count on my LA peeps!