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Jan 16, 2008 07:55 PM

V-Day Dinner Suggestions

Any restaurant suggestions for Valentine's Day?

Any type of food acceptable. Moderate price range. Cozy environment. Good wine or cocktails is a plus.

I'm located on the East Village but will travel for an amazing restaurant.

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  1. Keeping in mind that many restaurants serve a special menu for V-Day and have higher than normal prices, it would be more helpful if you give us a per person budget for food (drinks, tax & tip extra).

    1. If you have no specific parameters in mind there's a link next to the board name that says "search this board," which yielded all of these suggestions for Valentine's Day:

      Also, all of the New York magazines (New York, Time Out New York) do yearly features on this. That should give you something to go on.

      1. I don't know how romantic you'd consider it, but Momofuku's Ssam Bar is probably at the top of the list for East Village restaurants right now. Hearth used to be great, but lately it's been getting mixed reviews. If they change their menu between now and the 14th, you might take a chance on a fantastic meal (of course V-Day isn't really when you want to gamble). In the LES, look into Apizz and Orchard. Both good with romantic ambiance.

        In LES, there's Apizz and

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          1. I went to Allen and Delancey for New Year's Eve and it was wonderful. They had a special tasting menu (about $130) for 7 courses and everything was superb. They had a reasonably priced wine list, fun cocktails and the ambience is very cozy and romantic. I'll have to drop big hints to my boyfriend!