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Jul 9, 2001 06:48 PM

Kerala Restaurants in LA?

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Just returned from London, and now have an insatiable craving for Kerala food (the result of a friend recommending the very excellent Rasa Samudra). Does anyone know of a Kerala restaurant in the Los Angeles environs?

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    Lonesome Hobo

    The best tip I could give you would be in Artesia along Del Amo Blvd, off the 605. That is the largest Indian community in Southern California. There aren't too many good Southern Indian Restaurants around but if there is one that's where I'd look. Nothing remarkable from that part of India in LA or West LA that I know of. It's worth the 45 minute or so drive to go out to Artesia.

    1. Paru's is a very nice South Indian vegetarian restaurant in Hollywood, at 5140 Sunset Blvd.

      Their website even has a 10% discount coupon, under the "Specials" link on the homepage.


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        Thanks for the tip--I haven't been to Paru's, but my wife has, and says it's pretty good. Unfortunately, it isn't a Kerala restaurant.

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          Sorry about that. Thought "South Indian" included/meant Kerala.

      2. I agree with trying out Artesia. You might want to CALL dasaprakash on Santa Monica. They have various South Indian thalis and one special is marked Karnataka, another tamil and another Kerala, as I remember. In any case, if you call and ask, they'll let you know and perhaps they can make something specific for you off the menu.

        1. Woodlands is a famous indian restaurant that recently opened in Artesia. They have hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong, India and Singapore, and have VERY GOOD south Indian specialities.

          The line is depressing for lunch on weekends, so dont go too hungry. It isnt on the main strip of little india, I believe they are on Pioneer Bvd-but just ask in little india-everyone knows of this place