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Jan 16, 2008 06:21 PM

Vegetarian duck?

I am looking for a place in the financial district or Chinatown area that has the crispy tofu duck. Extra points if they deliver,
My favorite place to get it is Noodles 85 but I am looking for something downtown.
Thank you in advance.

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  1. I believe they have this at Red Bamboo in the West Village. Not all the way downtown but maybe closer...

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      Does any one know where to get vegetarian duck on the Upper East Side (like a grocery store, not a restaurant)?

      1. re: pescekel

        The only store I know that sells mock meats is in Chinatown:
        It's a small one room store with frozen fridges on either side, stocked with every mock meat (and fish) you can think of.

        This may in fact be the store that supplies our local veg and veg-friendly restaurants (Foodswings, Red Bamboo, House of Vegetarian, etc.) with their mock meats, because they're all similar in consistency and flavor (marinating sauces notwithstanding). I especially like to go to May Wah to stock up on drumsticks prior to the Super Bowl (super easy to make your own buffalo "wings")...

    2. It sounds like Vegetarian Dim Sum House is a good bet. They have quite a selection, too. They list it, but I don't know if it is super crispy.

        1. re: pikawicca

          My question as well... thinking a duck that only eats vegetables, not fish, bugs or meat?

          1. re: firecooked

            Basically its tofu that has the texture of duck. Noodles 28 Serves it crispy peking style. If you don't eat meat its fabulous.

          2. re: pikawicca

            Vegetarian Duck or Chicken is Bean Curd sheets, similar to Lasagna sheets, filled with a mixture with any combination of Black Mushrooms, Bamboo Shoots or Cloud Ear fungus. sometimes you will see variations with shredded carrots or water Chestnuts. The dish is usually served cold as an appetizer. It can be deep-fried, but it usually is not by classic renditions......although the bean curd sheets can be pre-deep-fried before assembling the dish. it is filled and rolled to resemble a duck or chicken breast and sliced on the bias like a cutlet.

            I would suggest you try it next time you go to a Chinese Restaurant that offers it. It's very good.

          3. Bennie's Thai Cafe on Fulton has vegetarian duck, so does Penang on Elizabeth. I've haven't had it at either places, but they both deliver via Let us know if its any good!

            1. Best Veggie Duck I have had so far is from Room Service. They have a couple of locations - though the one I usually eat at is in Chelsea. Its Thai food, and all around the best That I have found on SeamlessWeb (if you are into delivery).

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                Thanks for all the tips. I know what my lunch plansa re next week :)