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Jan 16, 2008 05:22 PM

Large group dinner, MSP

Looking for a great restaurant for a large group. It is a business dinner and they are flying in from around the world. So i would like it to be a fine dining establishment, but we are a party of 20. I would need a reservation for next friday (late notice i know, my boss dropped the ball).

I dont want to upset waitstaff, or the chef. So i have been talking with BANK, i know they have a private rooms.... but does anyone have any other options?
Thanks much!

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  1. I was part of group of 26 who went to Pazzaluna on NYE. They were extremely accommodating, but it's downtown St Paul (and pretty much nothing else interesting is).

    Otherwise, I know large groups are super welcome at King & I Thai - they have some listing on their website about said events.. but I don't know how much notice they need.

    1. My company has had wonderful large party dinners at Jax in Northeast.
      On the expensive side, but if they don't mind....

      1. Muffuletta has handled business dinners quite nicely in the past--they have that separate "wine" room (I think it's called) they can put groups in. I haven't been there since the chef change-over, though, but it's not as if BANK is getting pristine reviews (except for the space itself), so it might be worth exploring if BANK is the only other one you've seriously considering. Muffuletta is not what I'd consider to be "the best" of the Twin Cities, but it's pretty good for business dinners in terms of atmosphere and service, etc.

        I was at a dinner at JAX recently. It was fine, for that old steakhouse-y feel. And it's what everyone thinks Americans eat all the time anyway. Of the two, I have to say, I prefer Muffuletta, unless I want to feel nostalgically steeped in Twin Cities history.

        Here are a couple other good threads from folks looking to situate large groups--foureyes posted a great list in this one:

        Good luck!


        1. I'd check out Mission American Kitchen. It's centrally located and has a wide variety of food. I know that they will close off the lounge for private groups and I believe that they have another room that could probably be separated.

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            Unfortunately i dislike Mission very much. I was so disappointed when i dined there that i returned two dishes before actually finding something edible. They over salted the first to the point it almost made me cough. And the second dish i told the waitress to 'bring what she believes is the best thing on the menu, but keep in mind... i am allergic to nuts"
            So she brought me the scallops on hazelnut whipped potatoes with a hazelnut demi-glaze. The flavor was spot on, but i knew i could not have another bite.

            I have had two dinners at BANK, an they both went off without a hitch. The food was on, the service was spot on. I just didnt like he vastness of the atmosphere.

            But i will check out those other links, Thanks

          2. I've seen them do large groups at Saffron and it would provide you a beautiful appetizer spread across the table prior to entrees. Impressive. Also if it is a Friday night and people are coming in from across the world, it is an an area that is vibrant with people thanks to First Ave, the Target Center and the theaters nearby.

            If you do it post theater starting time, Cue might also be a good option and impressive venue.