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Jul 8, 2001 02:32 PM

4 days in LA

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ISO places to take my struggling (aspiring) actor/son who lives in Studio City. We have access to a car. Ethnic is good. Not looking for glamour but adventure.
He eats at home a lot.

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  1. Versailles for Cuban garlic chicken. I think the Valley one is in Van Nuys. If you're not from a Jewish Deli part of the world, Art's on Ventura in Studio City is pretty good. If you're going downtown, the Pantry and Phillipe's are LA classics, not expensive.

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    1. re: Andrea

      If I had four days in LA and wanted to experience the best ethnic food, these are the can't misses:

      1) Chinese - LA has the best Chinese food in the entire world, never mind the U.S. You must go to the San Gabriel Valley. There are dozens of terrific restaurants: NYC Seafood and Har Lam Kee are two of my favorite Hong Kong style places but there is every type of Chinese regional cuisine available.

      2) Japanese - LA also has a tremendous variety of Japanese restaurants. You can have sushi, sashimi, tonkatsu, noodles, japanese curry, etc. Little Tokyo downtown or the Sawtelle corridor on the westside offer many possibilities.

      3) Middle Eastern Food - A fantastic selection is available. My recommendation would be Carousel, with locations in Hollywood and Glendale.

      4) Thai - Again, we have a great selection of Thai places. East Hollywood's Thai town has a half-dozen great restaurants and dozens more very good ones. I like Rodded and Krung Tep.

      1. re: Jeff Falls

        Thanks for the advice We're looking forward to it. What do you recommend for Mexican and Indian (not vegetarian). Very ignorant about regional Chinese --is Hong Kong what you'd recommend?