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Jan 16, 2008 05:11 PM

Madrid: apartment between Anton Martin and Atocha

Dear hounds, we are renting an apartment between Anton Martin and Atocha and will be there for a week. Can you please help us find good places around- we do not mind walking a lot. In particular, please advice on local
-marisquerias ( it looks like fancy seafood places like El Cantabrico described on this board are for the next income bracket)
-best places to have churros con chocolate
-places to have tapas
Also- is there a local market we can visit? I love to buy local food and cook at home- this is one of the reasons we always rent apartments when traveling.

Anything else within a walking distance that should not be missed?

Thank you in advance!

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  1. There are many good tapa places between Atocha and Anton Martin. La Trucha on Manuel Fernandez y Gonzalez (there is another nearby branch on c/Nunez de Arce but there is not much action), also on the same calle is La Toscano; Cerverceria Cervantes and Taberna Dolores on Pl. de Jesus; nearby is Maceria on c/de la Huertas that specializes in Galican tapas; also on c/de la Huertas is Casa Alberto. Last fall, we rented an apartment near Plaza Santa Ana and did a lot of food shopping at the nearby Mercado Anton Martin. The mercado is off the Pl. Anton Martin, between c/de Atrocha and c/de Santa Isabel. It has good stalls for vegetables, meat, poultry, seafood, etc. The basement supermarket of Corte Ingles on Sol has a good selection of food, including meat, fish and vegetables. It is open throughout the day and late and also part of Sundays...a great convenience.
    Marisqueria La Paloma on c/Toledo in Cava Baja is good and not expensive, similar to El Cantabrico but not quite as good.
    For churro, the trick is to find them freshly fried in the morning which I usually take with coffee. The area around Mercado Cebeda has many good breakfast places that has them. I like El Diamante on c/Toledo. For chocolate and churro, of course there is the famous Chocolateria San Gines off c/Arenal. The chocolate is good but frequently they fried too many churros and allow them to sit around too long. I am not a hot chocolate fan so I can't be more help on that.
    Madrid is a great walking city and every neighborhood has it's own good tapas. Pl Santa Ana is always lively but the tapas are ok. Better tapas are on Cava Baja where many good tapa places are next to each other, making hopping very easy. I like the crowd and scene at Chueca where there is Bocaito on c/de Libertad, Santader and La Bardemcilla on c/Augusto Figueroa and Cerveria Santa Barbara on Pl Santa Barbara.
    My favorite pastry shop is La Santiaguesa on c/Mayor 73. Old fashion and stylish and their cookies are terrific and just about everything else; just take outs. Horno San Onofre on c/Hortaleza in Chueca is own by the same people but the selection is smaller and the shop is not as pleasant. I like the empanadas at La Mallorquina, right on Sol, inexpensive and great brought back to the apartment to heat up. The simple pastries are good but skip the fancy stuff; also a good place for breakfast and people watching. Another good pastry shop is just half block up c/Mayor from Sol. I can't remember the name. Careful, they sell many things by the weight and the euro can add up quick.
    For designer ice cream and decor, try Giangrossi. There is a branch on the end of Cava Baja and off Sol near Acala (can't quite remember the small street). They open late and for 4 to 5E, one can eat excellent gelato and sit on some expensive designer chairs and sofas.

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      thank you! Great to hear from somebody who knows the area. Much appreciated.

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        There's a market right there, Mercado Antón Martín, on the calle Santa Isabel. It's open M-Sat 9ish-2:00 and M-F, 5:00-8:00. I like the store La Leonesa on the outside of the market for ham and other cured meats.

        Just down the street (Santa Isabel, 17) is a tapas place that we like, La Musa de Espronceda. The other pastry shop mentioned above on the c/Mayor is El Riojano. They have a little tearoom in the back. Giangrossi has lots of locations, but the closest to Antón Martín/Atocha is at Calle de Sevilla, 4 near Plaza de Canalejas.

        There's a churros place not far from where you are staying is El Brillante (the also have lots of other fried foods like bocadillos de calamares during non-churros hours). It's on the Glorieta del Emperador Carlos V near the Reina Sofía. Not sure if their chocolate is any good, it's more of a fried food place. Go before 11 in the morning or from 5:00-7:00ish for fresh ones.

    2. I am looking to rent an apartment for a week in the same neighborhood. Could you pass along a reference for an apartment broker or other contact, if you would recommend one? We will be travelling as a family of 5 over Christmas break.