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Jan 16, 2008 05:08 PM

southcenter food court

so has the food court in the mall open yet? if so whats in there now.sure miss my terri chicken place.

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  1. Still closed as of 12/31/07. Johnny Rockets was so bad we walked out.

    1. My understanding is that they're targeting the mall expansion to open during the summer, so I suspect a more concrete date for this is forthcoming.

      1. The best food court in Washington State is easily the Public Market in Bellevue’s Crossroads Mall. The Ma and Pa owned international selection is mind blowing. It can be quite the challenge to settle on just one type of food. As I recall they offer Japanese, Chinese, Indian, Vietnamese, Thai, Mexican, Italian, Mediterranean and Korean cuisine. Definitely something for everybody.

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          There is no shortage of choices at Crossroads, although I tend to stick with either Torero's (the Mexican place, the enchiladas there are one of my top-five favorite things to eat) or Tanpopo (the teriyaki place, but there's a sushi bar as well.) In addtion to what you listed above, there's also a place that serves diner style food, a BBQ place, a pizza place, and a place serving Russian Piroshky. I haven't tried all of these though. Any way you go, it's a nice place for a lunch if I have the time to make it out of the office.

          1. re: Vexorg

            The Indian place that serves dosas is my choice