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Jan 16, 2008 05:01 PM

Where to watch football on Sunday?

Husband and I are having a weekend getaway to DC. Staying in the River Inn (25th NW) through Monday. Heard about the great restaurant in the hotel, chowhounds have also led us to Bistrot du Coin. We want to catch the 6:30 football game on Sunday, as well as the end of the 3:30 game. Rather than watch it in our room with a six-pack and chips, I thought that perhaps someone out there would know of a great and inexpensive place to hang out, drink some fine beer (or wine) and sample some good fish and/or veggie fare. (As well as some meat product to keep Rick happy.) Looking for kind of a "house party" feel.

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  1. I realize this is nowhere near where you are staying, but there is a place in Clarendon that is perfect for watching games called Rhodeside Grill. Their basement has couches, tables, bar, etc. and tvs all over the place. The food is okay, standard bar food really. Its the atmosphere that makes it fun, lots of people getting really into the game.

    1. Fado's Irish pub in Chinatown fits some of your criteria (great, inexpensive, fine beer, house-party feel); not sure on how the food is though.

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        The request seems to be all over the place. I can't really picture what a sports bar with a house party feel actually means, especially thrown in with good fish and veggie fare at inexpensive prices to watch football.

        From your other posts, it looks like you're from NY State. If you're a Giants fan, go to 51st State tavern which is very close to your hotel. It's carved it's niche as a NY teams sports bar, and there will be lots of Giants fans there. Good wings. $5 burgers and wine specials at the time of the NFC game. Several good beers on tap. Good atmosphere (it's pretty homey, but in a cozy bar way, not a house party way). Bar menu (which includes fish and chips, garden salad :-P).
        My first thought is

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          Josh -- What I mean by a "sports bar with a house party feel" is the atmosphere that is created when you're at a Superbowl party. You're at someone's house, watching the game, eating, socializing, and getting excited when the game calls for it. Don't really want cozy, want something more interactive but with a real focus on the game. And being a vegetarian, I want some healthy, hearty options besides wings and burgers. Thanks for the recommendation on the 51st State Tavern. Perhaps I can come to your house?

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          The food is really good at Fado's - however, being a WVU fan I tried to watch a game there once, it was terrible. Great crowd for drinking/socializing/etc. but not a sports bar.

        3. Definitely stay away from Fado if you are looking for a good place to watch the game. I think Rhino's in Georgetown has the best overall football watching experience.

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            Well, I checked out the Rhino's website and I think you should know I'm not that kind of girl. I can see how it would be a memorable experience -- if you could remember it at all. Thank you for allowing me to live vicariously with my reputation and marriage intact! Enjoy the game.

          2. If you want a truly amazing experience, come watch the Pats-Chargers game at Murphy's Grand Irish Pub in Old Town Alexandria. It's one of the top Patriots bars in the entire country. Obviously there's good beer and the pub grub is very good. Fish and chips, Irish reuben, etc.

            If by house party feel you mean a house containing at least 300 rabid Pats fans, this is the place! Check this out:


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              Rabid fans? Sounds like a good time. I checked out the website and I'm scared! What if the Patriots lose? What if the Pats win and the Giants win? Would I need a police escort back to my hotel? Rick definitely wants to check out the game at Murphy's. Will you be there? How will we recognize you? Will you be wearing Patriots gear? I am not a huge Giants fan, but will this trip force me into becoming one? Dare I wear the stepson's Giant's fleece sweatshirt?

              1. re: dropdeadcookie

                nothing to worry about -- the crowd is very friendly to fans of all teams. even jets fans. It just looks scary. 8>D

                there are two levels to Murphy's. Downstairs is for more casual fans. Upstairs is where the rabid Pats fans gather. I'll be sitting at the table right in front of the big screen tv. (That's the benefit of going to the same bar since 2000, when the Pats stunk.) If you have Giants gear on you'll be a lot easier to find than me!

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                  Bob W -- Well I went to Murphy's right before the end of the first half. I think I saw you -- were you the guy in the middle of the room wearing the #12 Brady jersey? Or were you the guy standing in the back of the room wearing the #12 Brady jersey? Or were you the guy in the middle of the table with all the guys wearing the #12 Brady jersey? I thought about standing in front of the big screen and calling out "Bob W! Bob W! Bob W!" but that would have been putting my life at risk. At any rate, we left at the half. Rick wanted to get back to the comfort of our quiet hotel room where he didn't have to jockey with anyone (but me) for a good view of the games. Congratulations! Go Giants?

                  1. re: dropdeadcookie

                    Congrats to the Jints too!

                    I was actually one of the few guys there not wearing the #12 Brady jersey -- I'm too old for that. If you were standing in front of the big screen you were literally two feet away from me! I was sitting at that table right in front.

                    If you thought Murphy's was nuts for that game, it will be twice as nuts for the SB. One year -- I forget which, it's tough being a Pats fan these days -- the fire marshal showed up and almost cleared the place out.

                    To give this some chow content, you could have seen me eat an apple crisp with ice cream in about one minute. Then you would have known who the chowhound was!

            2. What about Buffalo Billiards? Their food is just okay but they have plenty of screens all over the place, drink specials during the games, and seating ranging from tables to high tops to couches.
              Where is the River Inn on 25th? Buffalo Billiards is right off the Dupont metro stop (south side).

              Buffalo Billiards
              1330 19th St NW, Washington, DC

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                Cleveland Park Bar and Grill on Connecticut Ave. would be perfect. Better than average bar food, plus decent brick oven pizza (the place used to be Bricks Pizza). I watched the Pats game there last weekend and had a great time. Get there early and put your name in for a table...

                1. re: GyroBall

                  I second Cleveland Park. I don't live close but this is a go-to place for watching sports - there are tons of screens, a very good staff, decent food and friendly patrons. It's on the red line, at the Cleveland Park Metro - about one block south of the metro exit.