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Jan 16, 2008 04:58 PM

Need Birthday Cake - Boston!

I'm hosting a birthday dinner for my wife at Betty's Wok and Noodle. She will throttle me if there is no cake. Betty's is cool with me bringing one but I need a decent, nay, an OUTSTANDING birthday cake bakery in Boston, Brookline or Cambridge so I can get the cake and get to Betty's on time. Thoughts?

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  1. Party Favors, on Beacon Street in Coolidge Corner. Even better, it's an easy shot from there to Betty's.

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      I am surprised that no one has mentioned the Japanese Bakery by the St. Mary T stop in Brookline. The places people recommended are too sweet tasting for my palate. Japonaise Bakery has one of the best cakes in Boston. They are very light tasting but delicious. The cakes are not fancy or fun like Party Favors, but you will definitely want more than one piece! I special ordered the strawberry cake for my wedding and a lot of the guests went for a second piece. I highly recommend this place. I personally like the strawberry cake and the green tea cake. The Japanese are very good at adapting French baking to their own tastes. Give it a try!

    2. Royal Bakery on Cambridge Street in Cambridge has great cakes especially the strawberry shortcake with whipped cream one...

      1. Rosie's Bakery in Brookline and Cambridge.

        1. Icing on the Cake, in Newton. I know that's not Brookline or Cambridge but it's not too far from exit 17 on the Mass Pike, a straight shot down the pike to the Pru exit and then you're very close to Betty's.

          1. Party Favors in Brookline - great cakes!