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Jul 8, 2001 01:30 AM

Location of Little Saigon in Los Angeles

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Could anyone please let me know where Little Saigon is in Los Angeles?

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  1. works like a charm for looking up places.

    Pho Little Saigon 833 S Western Ave # 39  Los Angeles, CA (213) 365-1699


    1. I thought it was in Orange County (through the cities of Garden Grove and Westminster)!

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        Mike Kilgore

        Were you asking for a general location, like Koreatown, Chinatown or Japantown? Or were you looking for a particular restaurant? I thought it was the former, and if so Little Saigon is in Orange County.

        1. Specifically, little saigon is in Westminster and Garden Grove. Here's a recent (and very helpful) LA Times article on the topic.