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Jan 16, 2008 04:23 PM

fosters freeze, cali

for those of you that have never been to nor, so cal... you should try fosters freeze, been around since forever, great place for cool ice cream treats, I haven't tried there actual food, I mostly go for the desserts. :)

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  1. Is Foster's Freeze still around? I'm happy to hear that. Good times during childhood - driving over the hill to Santa Cruz from San Jose for a day trips to the beach, we'd always stop at Foster's Freeze. I used to get peanut butter milkshakes. So good after playing in the water all day and getting that too-much sun tiredness.

    1. We'd travel from LA up to June Lake every year for a week of fishing and ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS stopped at Fosters Freeze along 395. Good memories indeed. i could go for a twist cone right now!

      1. There was still one near downtown Milpitas (San Jose area) as of last year. Great shakes, delicious (but very greasy burgers). The burgers reminded me of a Big T Tastee Freeze burger. Company I worked for went under, so I don't get to that part of the country anymore. I do miss Foster's!

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          You're kidding me. I spent most of my life in the Bay Area and was in Milpitas a lot. I never knew there was a Foster's Freeze there.

          Darn, I now live 2k miles away and can't check it out. Next trip home, though, I'll put it on the list (along with In N Out, Jamba Juice and Peet's Coffee).

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            we have the same problem....I spent 25 years in SJ/Milpitas and always went to the FF on the other side of town....right off of 17. I also am now 3K miles away and wish I could get there for a shake. Jamba Juice is another favorite, although I think they're way over priced.

            1. re: swissgirl

              Yeah, it was/is just off of Highway 237. Exact address 78 Serra Way. My company used to put me up at the Super 8(I think it's a different name now) on Main Street in Milpitas during the dot-com era because all the Marriott type hotels were about $250 a night! Long story, short I would walk around after work and one night discovered Foster's.

          2. most el pollo loco's have them as an adjunct.

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            1. re: Emme

              Yeah, except that those are pretty much straight heat-lamp fast food, like McDs. The Fosters Freeze of my youth was more like In&Out still is, but with a big menu--everything was made to order. The same thing happened with A&W--they kept the name but ruined the product.

              1. re: Steve Green

                The Foster's in Milpitas is a little hole in the wall with a gravel parking lot. Menu was fairly extensive and everything was made to order when I was there last. By the way, if anybody ever goes to Portland, Oregon try Mike's Drive In for a "Foster's" like experience. Local three restaurant chain with amazing burgers and an incredible chocolate banana shake.

            2. The one in Menlo Park was open last time I was in MP. Don't know about the food but the ice cream is still very good.