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Jan 16, 2008 04:21 PM

Crispo, Picholine, Eleven Madison, Lugers or Adour for V-day?

I know I have several different levels of restaurants listed but....any recommendations? Adour isn't open yet so I guess I am looking for a recommendation from someone who has eaten any of Ducasse's food.

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  1. Anything on that lists looks really good (with Crispo, my favorite, taking the lead) but Luger? (ugh!)
    They are living on their past reputation. Believe me, there is much better now.

    1. I love Crispo for the food but if you are looking for romantic it doesn't make it. If the price difference doesn't matter, I would go for Picholine. Oh, and yes, I have eaten Ducasse's food, both here and in France. I think it's good but overrated. The quality in his restaurants varies wildly depending who is actually running the place at any given time, as M. Ducasse ain't likely to show up.

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        I agree with Luger's not exactly being V-day material. Picholine would be nice, EMP would be better, IMHO.

        1. re: rrems

          IMO, Crispo's is not a good choice for Valentine's Day. Large and lively, good food, large portions, reasonably priced. Not small, intimate, special.

        2. Choosing from your list, my vote is for EMP.

          1. 11 Madison Park for sure. Do the tasting menu!!! It is not exactly romantic but the service is top notch and the food is amazing.

            1. I find Daniel's food a little too precious (and it's not food I crave), but you will not be disappointed with a V-day at EMP.