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Jul 8, 2001 12:17 AM

Japanese Groceries on the Westside

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  1. Mitsuwa, formerly Yaohan, corner of Centinela and Venice.

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      Carolyn Tillie

      Marukai -- Corner of Westerna and Artesia in Gardena. Huge, two-story, tile-decorated building.

      I actually go there to eat in their food court for lunch -- as well as buying my groceries there...

      1. Check out Sawtelle just North of Olympic.

        1. On Sawtelle, near or next to Sawtelle Kitchen is good.

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            Mike Kilgore

            That's Safe and Save Market just South of Sawtell Kitchen. Then a bit farther North on Sawtell is Granada Market. In the two story mall just North of Olympic on Sawtell is Nigiya Market. They are all with in a minute or two of each other by car.

          2. Mitsuwa is an excellent place to shop for groceries or to grab lunch (in their small food court).

            I am a particular fan of their fresh chicken, which is vastly better than the chicken at the other local supermarkets. They also have very nice fish for sashimi (but not so much choice otherwise in fish) and meat prepared for cooking Japanese style.